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Aug 23, 2011

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All belief systems along with proverbs have sayings on being "detached" .. They name of this status  as" being detached observor" in india.  It is a stage to live being independent from the physical world, which means, humanbeing will not get satisfied when he is praised and not fell down when he is insulted. This enables to have an unshakeable personality.

No more tears and no more pain...

However, it does not mean being 'insensible' It is only strengthening aginst the inevitable facts of the material world.


Because it is impossible to escape from suffer and the storms we will come across along the way, we are all called upon to being "detached observors" by religions which requires also faith and awareness . Therefore, whatever we experience as a negative situation, we will never feel any sorrow and fear in our lives.  . It sounds perfect! does not it?

However,to reach this stage is not that easy! It requires a serious spiritual practice..


 Do we really have to live in a world full of sadness, injustice, hatred and fear? Moreover, do we have to live with the fear of death? Is renunciation  God"s offer to humanity as a solution because he had sentenced us to death?

It seems like the status of "being detached" brings a kind of 'rise' along with itself. And rising is the rise of our vibration. According to sufis, the return of the soul back to God  while living ,is to die before dying. A believer can be a 'detached observor' by not being deceived by the illusion of the physical world. The salvation in the Bible, the rise of
Christ from death, to reach to the 5th dimension from the 3rd, in New Age phylosophies, and to reach Nirvana after deep meditations in Eastern belief systems all refer to the same topic.

Why did we come to earth if we have to die before dying then?

In addition, if this magnificent World, which is considered the best art, an illusion, why do we work on to make it a better place and pray to have better lives? Why do Hindus
have Gods for prosperity if mattter is just an illusion?


Islam states: "  the proof of being in sufism is to feel content and gratitute even in a troubled situation". In order to succeed it,

Hindus repeat mantras and meditate while christians praise the Lord and Moslems pray five times a day.

The question in the minds of atheists is that 'why should a creator who loves us, force humanbeing to live in a world limited within 'time' and to accept the pain and the death?'

The religions contradicts by stating that death is a natural result which is also magnificient since it is returning to the "One" and that people only fear of death because it is unknown. But on the other hand, death is being considered as 'darkness' in the same faiths. Another question that comes up here, is that why do holy scriptures guide us how to pray for protection or  for a long lifetime?

The Bible puts forward the best explanation about the issue:

All began in the garden of heaven with Adam and Eve. The couple then was happy and immortal until the Satan convinced them to eat the forbidden fruit which ended up the fall of human from heaven.

When they fell, dilemmas occured. They realised for the first time that they were naked..The full monty..Helpless and lost in a world full of sorrow. Now, they were  cursed and mortal!

So, did we ever know that we had been cursed for such a long time? Whereas, religions explained us that we were living in a wonderful world and that death was God's order which is also wonderful. I believe each one of us, always asked in our hearts why we were here and why we have to face death sooner or later.

Maybe, rising up to the 5th dimension which is the stage of immortality ,is the new age version of the salvation in the Bible.

While death seemed a natural process, myths were full of heroes pursuing immortality. Eric Von Daniken discussed the matter in his works, Ancient Egyptians were burried mummified as if waiting to be woken up one day.. In the meantime, science served immortality with its genetic inventions . Religions simply failed to make men
submittal to the reality of the death.

Marxists and Darwinists caused also confusion opposing faiths saying that men do not have to surrender the laws of God and nature. But on the other hand, they also surrendered their own perish.


How can someone, sentenced to death, love the one who had condemned him to such and end? How can the cursed humanity have a good relationship with God in such an imprisonment?

 The movie " Death Becomes Her (1992)" is about two women (Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn) who had taken the ixir of immortality. However, they cannot convince Dr.Ernest (Bruce Willis) to take the same ixir because he wants to live and die in a natural way. The film ends in Dr. Ernest's funeral after a long time. Ernest's name had become immortal due to his medical inventions. The two women now look like monsters since they could not manage to protect their physical bodies well. The final scene is the fall of the women from the church stairs. They are torn apart like baby dolls but the pieces still moved.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son" ( Bible-John 3-16)

According to the Bible, God forgave men finally and sent his son Christ on earth. Christ was in charge of breaking the man's curse by sacrifying himself. God's purpose was to give immortality back to human and so he sacrified his own son .

After Jesus was curisified and rose from death, peace was made between men and God. God wanted to share the pain of men who he had condemned once to death by sacrifying Christ. Therefore, the process to end the dilemmas began. This opened up the road to human's immortality again.

 Resembling the return of Jesus, the people today awaiting either UFOs or Angels that will come down to earth to save them from death , which is also approved by Islam. The Bible says those chosen will be risen back to heaven without facing the death by the return of Jesus, the Mesiah.

Consequently,all talk about returning to heaven with different words.  .. Men is looking forward the day he will embrace his immortality again. It is the same old story..