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james hammond


leaving to fulfill God's calling for my life....anything He wants me to do i'd do and anywhere He wants me to go i'll go


Be bold in Him to do His will!

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Available is a christian embroidery artwork that we made for room and office decorations, churches etc. It is very affordable even though its quite tiring when making one. So pls if you actualy interested, you could contact me via this e-mail adres: jamesha

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financial problems are quite a major cause of depression most a times nd its kinda painful too. just prayin for breakthroughs...

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Many are the plans and treasures that God has in store for us...He is there and all He wants is for us to draw closer to Him and these would be ours....


Jesus is the answer for the world today


Absolutely and definitely: YES! Amen +


jaypee, je ne parle que le français; merci

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