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Smiles Agbor Junior

Snoovy smiles|Cameroon

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Jesus Christ is my Rock of Ages. I love you Jesus

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May the Lord open up The windows of heaven And pour us a blessing That we will not have room Enough to receive it all. May the Lord bless Us exceedingly and abundantly, Above all |más

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Many at times, i have always wondered what it truly takes to do the work of God. I ask myself; is there any qualification whatsoever to do God's word? Must one be at a top position to do His work? I realized that, the work of God is a calling and so those able and willling to do God's work should be led to do so no matter their status. God does not judge the outward appearance but the heart. He doesn't want those who profess him with their mouths but with their faith and hearts. He doesn't want those who are out to make fames for themselves but who sincerely serve him with all their hearts anmd give him all the glory and praises he deserves. i have decided that no matter what i may become in this life, my primary occupation will be to spread God's word in whatever manner provided the world gets the message. God has done alot for my friends, family and I so i ought to serve him with all it takes and also sacrifice for his sake. Christ paid the biggest prize no one will ever pay so i feel its my duty to do God's work. You must not be a pastor or missionary to spread God's word for the word of God is life. Anyone who wants to live life must live and abide byt the word of God that is life. All comes from God so we ought to give to him what belongs to him always. Decide today whom you shall serve for as for my family, friends and I, we will serve the Lord all the days of our lives. Praise God always.


Hi, my name is Alicia Video from my webcam here http://v.ht/i18ixx

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my name meiroku eric i am looking to a good man to love pleases my love reply me in my email Box(meirokueric@hotmail.com) OK i love you so much

Snoovy smiles The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Jesus Christ is my Rock of Ages. I love you Jesus

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Snoovy smiles escribió un comentario en la entrada de blog Looking for funding for your business?

Looking for funding for your business?

Are You Seeking Funding for Your Business? Looking to Invest in Christian Owned Startups? The Christian Angel Capital Network (CACN) was created to meet the needs of every Christian angel investor an…

This is quiet very interesting! i will really like to get to know this more as I intend to get into it as an investor!

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This story, although sad, comes with a very important message about forgiving, letting go, and coping with the unexpected. A boy was born to a couple after 11 years of marriage. They were a loving couple and the boy was the apple of their eye. When the boy | más

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