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Derk de Jong


I am thankfull to God that he has made it possible for me to adopt (financially) four boys. Two children from India one boy from Philippines and one from Pakistan. God has given this boys to me to take care far as I can. I'm proud of these boys.

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Jan 13, 2014

Read and study your Bible carefully

Dear brothers and sisters;. Last week God pointed me in a discussion to read the Bible and study the Bible carefull. Never fight over the word of God. Respect everybody who have a different way to believe the word, than you do. Discussion is okay; it keeps |más
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Oct 21, 2013


First isaiah 40:26-31 (and second) Galatians 6:8-10   Are you to tired to meet the Lord ? I will tell you something. I believe that the Lord placed me in Romania. But there was a rough time at the start. I asked God many times "Why am I |más
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Jan 21, 2013


          TU ESTI FACATORUL MEU,            EU SINT DOAR LUTUL      (Ieremia 18 : 6 / Isaia 64 : 8 / Luca 19 : 10 si Faptele |más
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Oct 22, 2012

Lord teach us how to pray.

We all know the words what is written on the cover page of this study. This was the question that the disciples asked Jesus. But why is there a picture of a child on the   cover page ? Because: Jesus has said that we shall become like children. |más
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Sep 27, 2012

Een verhaal

Ik wil je een verhaal vertellen. Er was eens een jongetje van vijf jaar oud die bij het graf stond van zijn zojuist overleden vader. De familie was druk bezig met het begraven, en niemand had oog voor het verdriet en onbegrip van het jongetje. Het |más
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Sep 17, 2012


Dear friend in Christ,   Greetings from me and from all in Victory Assembly. I just wanted to say hello to you so you know you are never forgotten in our midst.  Saints here in Victory Assembly pray for you always and in every of our services. |más
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Nov 24, 2011

Adoptions / Adoptie

You have seen the photo's of the four boys that God has made possible that I can adopt them (financially). And I am very proud of these boys, also I am proud that God maked me worthy to do this for Him. The pastors from India and the Philippines ask |más
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Sep 05, 2011

The ways of God are inscrutable.

(God's wegen zijn ondoorgrondelijk, translated in the English language)Hello everybody;The ways of God are inscrutable.In 1993 I was repended and baptized trough submerging.In 1996 the Holy Spirit gives me that I shall write my life-story.It is called "You |más
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Sep 05, 2011

To whom are you listening?

To whom are you listening ?                      |más
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Aug 18, 2011

God's wegen zijn ondoorgrondelijk

Hallo Allemaal;   God's wegen zijn ondoorgrondelijk. In 1993 ben ik bekeerd en gedoopt door onderdompeling. In 1996 gaf de Heilige Geest mij in om mijn levensverhaal eens op te schrijven. Het heet "Gij zijt mijn maker, ik ben de klei". Nooit heb |más
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