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Derk de Jong


I am thankfull to God that he has made it possible for me to adopt (financially) four boys. Two children from India one boy from Philippines and one from Pakistan. God has given this boys to me to take care far as I can. I'm proud of these boys.

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Oct 21, 2013

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First isaiah 40:26-31 (and second) Galatians 6:8-10
Are you to tired to meet the Lord ?
I will tell you something.
I believe that the Lord placed me in Romania.
But there was a rough time at the start.
I asked God many times "Why am I here?"
I got tired of these questions.
Things in Holland were going worse and I had lot of sorrows.
I wished to do much more for the Lord on my time.
That makes me tired, sometime a was to tired to meet the Lord.
But then came a word from a brother here.
He said: "You are in Romania you must wait."
And you know i had to wait for the Lord.
I was not to tired anymore to knock on God's door and heart.
And I'm still doing that.
The Lord has hiden the way I had to go.
God will be not tired, not from you and not from me.
God gives the believer POWER.
Young people sometimes, they get tired, even young man fall.
But when you expect the Lord you get NEW POWER.
You shall walk and never get tired.
Keep on doing the good things, because we bring in the harvest.
But we only bring in the harvest is we don't get tired.
Be encouredged with this and use it in the church our bible study.