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Derk de Jong


I am thankfull to God that he has made it possible for me to adopt (financially) four boys. Two children from India one boy from Philippines and one from Pakistan. God has given this boys to me to take care far as I can. I'm proud of these boys.

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Read and study your Bible carefully

Jan 13, 2014

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Dear brothers and sisters;. Last week God pointed me in a discussion to read the Bible and study the Bible carefull. Never fight over the word of God. Respect everybody who have a different way to believe the word, than you do. Discussion is okay; it keeps you sharp. The Bible said: examine everything but keep what is good.. So I examine something's what Jesus has done. Weekly message; Read numbers 19:11-13 first. And read than Luc 7:14 and Luc 8:52. In Luc 7:14 is written that Jesus thought the open coffin. So Jesus did NOT toughed the body of the dead young man. About the daughter of Jairus; Jesus said "she is sleeping" and he thought her by the hand. So the girl was NOT dead, otherwise Jesus should not though her. Perhaps the girl was apparently dead or in coma. So that's the way that Jesus said she is sleeping. Jesus shall never lie. About Lazarus Jesus said: "Lazarus come out." From that moment Lazarus was alive and Jesus could though him. The apostle Peter; he came in into the grave of Jesus. Was he now un clean ? NO, Because Jesus had washed him with his blood. We must read, study and know the word of God and nothing else. That is also what I have to do. AMEN;