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"pour moi vivre c'est Christ et mourir m'est un gain" Je suis une amoureuse du Seigneur Jesus

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Dear Father, Help us understand that in Christ we are dead to law; we have been crucified with Christ so that we might live unto you. Let Christ live within me. Let the life that I |más

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Mar 10, 2011

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God is so wonderful! Life is meaningless without Jesus.

We are not saved to be "channels only," but to be sons and daughters
of God. We are not turned into spiritual mediums, but into spiritual
messengers; the message must be part of ourselves. The Son of God was
His own message, His words were spirit and life; and as His disciples
our lives must be the sacrament of our message. The natural heart
will do any amount of serving, but it takes the heart broken by
conviction of sin, and baptized by the Holy Ghost, and crumpled into
the purpose of God before the life becomes the sacrament of its

There is a difference between giving a testimony and preaching. A
preacher is one who has realized the call of God and is determined to
use his every power to proclaim God's truth. God takes us out of our
own ideas for our lives and we are "batter'd to shape and use," as
the disciples were after Pentecost. Pentecost did not teach the
disciples any thing; it made them the incarnation of what they
preached - "Ye shall be witnesses unto Me."

Let God have perfect liberty when you speak. Before God's message can
liberate other souls, the liberation must be real in you. Gather your
material, and set it alight when you speak.