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myles carter

Carter10|United States

I feel great right now

My Brother Noah,


I loved my brother Noah he was a funny little guy he was my brother. He always loved to try to help out and be funny. But one day June 2, He drownd in a pool it was so sadCry I will never forget that day but you got to move on and do the best you can do at everything.

Suvi F

Happy birthday Myles and have a great New Year! :)

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Matthias Moeller

And don't forget that Noah is almost waiting for you in heaven. He is happier than we are, cause he is constantly wrapped in Jesus' His arms. They're both very delighted about your first video. The Lord Jesus loves you, Myles!

Matthias Moeller

You have done a great job with your first video! I hope we'll see some more in the future :)! God bless you, my little brother!



Cherie Carter

Love you Myles!

Cherie Carter

You have to redo your video

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