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Ministério Profético da Redenção|Brazil

Ministério Profético da Redenção Nosso ministério está diretamente ligado ao centro da vontade de Deus, que já enviou ao seu povo a Redenção (Salmo 111.9), e nós louvamos a Deus por amor desta, e de outras obras maravilhosas em nossas vidas.

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"Bullying," A double-edged sword

Jul 23, 2012

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   The practice of "bullying" dates back to the genesis of humanity. The Holy Bible tells us that Ishmael (son of the slave Hagar) She mocked Isaac (son of Sarah), both sons of Abraham, which caused the dismissal of the first and his mother. God knew it was best to separate both of Abraham, but by no means forsaken the two (Gen. 21:9). This is one of the first cases of "bullying" which caused much pain, but God showed his care in fulfilling its purpose.

   The "bullying" is characterized by higher tease and taunt someone. The scoffer is regarded as proud and haughty, is a posture that ass.

   Even Balaam, a diviner priest known among the nations of that time, understood being taunted by a donkey, beating it with his staff, threatening her and then death. In regard to the word of the Lord (God) opened the mouth of the ass, and she wondered why the man was beaten, he answering said, because they mocked me, hopefully I had a sword in hand, for now would I kill thee. And in these terms follows the conversation of the donkey and the priest.

   As we see the "bullying" has many facets, in fact, according to the passage in Numbers 22:33, the donkey strays three times the angel of the Lord to deliver his master Balaam, and that does not understand, she thinks he is mocking him by it picks up the ass.

   Another example of the old crossing "bullying", who would say, Samson Delilah is blamed for mocking Behold zombastes me and you told me lies ... (Judges 16:10), this one caused a stir. Often we lie and give reasons to start a game. The end of this story you already know, Delilah takes advantage of the scoffer, and steals his forces. Here is a case of subversion of the natural order of things, our hero judge of Israel, never managed to free his people from the oppression of the Philistines, worrying only to satisfy their lust of the flesh.

   Now watch this in 2 Kings 2:23, any similarity is not coincidental: "boys make fun of the prophet Elisha." Some scholars assume that these boys who mocked Elisha, were part of a criminal organization that opposed his ministry, and shouted up, baldy! goes bald!. And turning it back, saw them and cursed them in the name of the Lord, then two female bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of them (v. 24). You see, evil always turns against evildoers. This is one of the great dangers of "bullying", which leads us to treat the subject with great responsibility.

   The "bullying" is a double-edged sword, cuts both ways.

   Just like today, God's messengers were sent to rally the people to repentance (change of mind), among them were Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, which were the object of derision, contempt and scorn, raising the wrath of those who had sent them, the Lord (2 Chronicles 32.16).

   How often we ministers of God's word, of this present time, we are rejected, and objects of mockery of people from different social classes and professionals, who repeated the story of the past, widespread and serious confound the prophets of false teachers, making fun of everyone without distinction.

   Up to Job in his famous patient complained about the ridicule of his friends (Job 16:20). The mockery, or mangação, as popularly used to say, is something that is ingrained in the character of even the unscrupulous friends, bitten by the blue fly from envy, jealousy, and hypocrisy.

   Own enemies who meet in the dead of night to mock each other for someone unprotected, and therefore at the mercy of outside attacks, victims of mockery eat the bread through hell (Ps 80.6).

   It is our duty then, pray that God will renew all in his power and grace.


The practice of the 'bullying' remounts to the genesis of the humanity. The Sacred Bible reports us that Ismael (son of the slave Agar) Zombava of Isaque (Sara's son), both children of Abraão, which caused the despedimento of first and his mother. God knew that it was better than both were separating of Abraão, but nonetheless it abandoned the two (Gn 21.9). This is first one of the cases of 'bullying', what produced great pain, but which God showed his care in carrying out his purpose.   
   The 'bullying' has like mocking bigger characteristic and mocking of someone. The mocker is had how haughty and vain, it has a posture of donkey even.
   Up to Balaão, a priest fortune-teller known between the nations of that time, understood to be be mocked by a donkey, beating it up with the staff, threatening it next, of death. The word tells us that the Sir (God) opened the mouth of the donkey, and she asking because the man had beaten it up, he answering said him: because you made fun of me; it had taken that I had had one sword in the hand, because now I would kill you. And it follows in these terms the conversation of the donkey and the priest.
   Since we see the 'bullying' present several facets, in fact, according to the passage in Numbers 22.33, the donkey turns away approximately three times of the Angel of the Sir to release his owner Balaão, and that one not understanding, she intends to be making fun of him, therefore the donkey gets a beating.
   Another passage example of the old man 'bullying', the one who would say, Crane is accused by Dalila of mockery: Here that you made fun of me and said to me lies... (Jz 16.10), that one there caused clamour. Very often we lie and give motives to begin a play. The end of this history you know already, Dalila is used of the mocker, and steals his strength. Here a case of subversion of the natural order of the things there, our hero judge of Israel, never managed to free his people of the oppression of the narrow-minded fellows, being preoccupied only in satisfying his greed of the meat.
   Now there pays attention to this fact in 2Rs 2.23, any similarity, it is not a mere coincidence: ' rapazinhos make fun of the prophet Eliseu '. Some scholars suppose that these boys who were making fun of Eliseu, were making part of an organized group that was opposed to his ministry, and they were shouting: rise, bald! rise bald!. And when he is turning backwards, he saw them and cursed them in the name of the Sir; then two bears went out from the wood and smashed forty two of them (v 24). See you whom the evil always turns against the wrongdoers. This is one of the great dangers of the 'bullying', which takes us treating the subject with much responsibility.
   The 'bullying' is a knife of two cutting edges, it cuts from two sides.
   I eat Exatamente in the days of today, the God's messengers were sent calling on the people to the regret (change of mind), between them they were Isaías, You whine and Ezequiel, what they were an object of mockery, scorn and derision, lifting whose fury had sent them, the Sir (2Cr 32.16). 
   All the times, are knots, Ministers of the word of God, of this present time, rejected by us, and objects of mockery of persons of more several social and professional classes, which repeating the history of the past, generalize and confuse the serious prophets with the false masters, making fun of all indistintamente.
   Up to Jó in his famous patience he complained about the mockery of his friends (Jó 16.20). The mockery, or the mockery, since we popularly used to say, is something that is deep-rooted in the unscrupulous character even of the friends bitten by the blue fly of the envy, of the jealousy, and of the hypocrisy.
   Own of the enemies that are joined at dead of night to make fun between you of someone left unprotected, and, so at the mercy of the attacks from the outside, the victims of mockery have it tough (Sl 80.6). 
   It is our duty then, to pray for which God is renewed to all for his power


Pastor Dr. Maria de Fátima Botto Nascimento


Pastor Gilberto Nascimento