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MY FRIEND'S PRAYER REQUEST May 08, 2013 1 Comentar

pray for my friendMARIA'S complete healing. she is in her early thirties. she is happily married. she has two daughters 5 and 7. beautiful, healthy, happy children. today i went to visit her. to pray with her and lift her spirits. she has been in and out of the hospital all week. she has had hives for months now and has stopped responding to treatment. the doctors have her on a steriod because nothing else is working. that at least has stopped the itching that never ceased and was driving her crazy. while i was over at her house she suddenly got very weak, pale and dizzy. i took her to the emergency room. they ran tests and ask her questions. they talked with her other doctors. they said she might have lupus or some kind of infection. they don't know how to help her and are afraid to send her home. please pray and ask God what we should do. why is this happening? my church is praying for her and her doctors. TANNI , my mother's friend has taken a turn for the worse. she was not responding to anyone last night. she can no longer get out of bed. please pray for her. i don't know her spiritual status but she is dying. she may have already died last night.please pray for her soul and her family. thank you.

Juan Jose Valverde Cordero May 07, 2013 2 Comentarios

Nos urge que se comunique con nosotros. email jjvalcor@gmail.com

Prayer Chain World-Cadena Mundial de Oración Apr 27, 2013 2 Comentarios

We inform all our beloved fellow servants and Cross.tv. contacts "Prayer Chain World", which for purposes of requests for prayer and others...our new and current email is: jjvalcor@gmail.com, due to internet problems are eliminated earlier "hotmail". Applications can also use our "My site". Blessings.

Prayer Chain World-Cadena Mundial de Oración Apr 27, 2013 1 Comentar

Les informamos a todos nuestros amados consiervos y contactos Cross.tv., "Cadena Mundial de Oración", que para efectos de solicitudes de oración y otros... nuestro nuevo y vigente email es: jjvalcor@gmail.com, debido a problemas de Internet se eliminó el anterior "hotmail". También pueden utilizar solicitudes en nuestra página: "Mi Sitio" . BENDICIONES.

Prayer Chain World-Cadena Mundial de Oración Apr 27, 2013 1 Comentar

Les informamos a todos nuestros amados consiervos y contactos Cross.tv., "Cadena Mundial de Oración", que para efectos de solicitudes de oración y otros... nuestro nuevo y vigente email es: jjvalcor@gmail.com, debido a problemas de Internet se eliminó el anterior "hotmail". También pueden utilizar solicitudes en nuestra página: "Mi Sitio" . BENDICIONES.

Prayer Chain World-Cadena Mundial de Oración Apr 27, 2013 4 Comentarios

Les informamos a todos nuestros amados consiervos y contactos Cross.tv., "Cadena Mundial de Oración", que para efectos de solicitudes de oración y otros... nuestro nuevo y vigente email es: jjvalcor@gmail.com, debido a problemas de Internet se eliminó el anterior "hotmail". También pueden utilizar solicitudes en nuestra página: "Mi Sitio" . BENDICIONES.

For The Homeless and Cold Apr 22, 2013 1 Comentar

God of compassion, Your love for humanity was revealed in Jesus, whose earthly life began in the poverty of a stable and ended in the pain and isolation of the cross: we hold before you those who are homeless and cold especially in the bitter weather. Draw near and comfort them in spirit and bless those who work to provide them with shelter, food and friendship. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Cadena Mundial de Oración-Prayer Chain World Apr 20, 2013 1 Comentar

Beloved Servants of the Lord, we ask for your prayers for us and our kindred. Also for our Prayer Chain World. May the almighty continue to bless and use with power and anointing. BLESSINGS. Amados siervos del Señor, solicitamos vuestras oraciones, para nosotros y nuestra parentela. Asimismo, por nuestra Cadena Mundial de Oración. Que el Todopoderoso les continúe bendiciendo y los siga usando con poder y unción. BLESSINGS.

KJV BIBLE Apr 18, 2013

friends once more i was able to read the KJV Bible, you can pray that once more i will go through, and get more what the Lord wants me to speak from the BIble , feel really blessed, to read the word of God for the 9th time

Gift of deliverance Apr 03, 2013 2 Comentarios

Lord Jesus has given me the gift of deliverance(spiritual gift) in these days, when i pray and lay my hands some fall down, falling down is the sign of being healed , or receiving the power from the Lord, you can pray that Jesus give me good knowledge and wisdom, and lead me to the people and use me, so that more people be blessed by me, and i may glorify Him , thank you Lord for this new spiritual gift God bless!

Instrument of Thy peace Mar 24, 2013 1 Comentar

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love; for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

For children of all nations Mar 24, 2013 2 Comentarios

For children of all nations forced through disease or hardship to become mature beyond their years and provide for the needs of family, bless and empower them and bring healing and compassion to those for whom they care

prayer for Alexandar Mar 17, 2013

you can pray for alexandar, he has written his 10th exam, but suddenly he is suffering from blood cancer, and he needs 30 lacs for his treatment, it is a very huge amout for him and his family, we know Jesus is the only answer to this, let us pray and submit alexandar, and also his family , and things related . into the mighty hand of Jesus and wait to hear a testimony, for the glory of the Lord Jesus , we know tthat Jesus is the only answer for alexandar . thank you

NIV BIBLE Mar 14, 2013 2 Comentarios

Friends, today, i have completed reading once again the NIV BIBLE, this is my 8th time in finishing reading the Holy Bible. i feel blessed to do so, you can pray for me to go through the Bible once again, your prayers , support and word of encouragement will really give me a boost, God bless ! Praise God

Soul Searching Prayer Mar 03, 2013 1 Comentar

Does my life please You as I live each day? Do I glorify You, Lord, in everything I say? Do I show others Your love in all that I do? When others see me do they also see You? Are my motives pure- I know that You see? Would I want other Christians to be just like me? You understand my thoughts- You're the only One Who can. When I'm all by myself am I a God pleasing man? I don't mean am I perfect, for without Christ I know I'm not, But am I doing doubtful things hoping that I won't be caught? Are there any hidden issues in the depths of my heart That, as a born again Christian, I should bid to depart? If there's any thought or action that's bringing You shame, Help me to surrender it in Jesus' blessed Name. I don't want to continue anything that displeases You, And I want to do everything that You would have me do. Dear God, in Your wisdom, You know how to keep me straight, If You ever see me straying correct me before it's too late. By Your grace You have saved me and forgiven all my sin, I love You, I thank You, and I praise You. Amen.

myself Feb 25, 2013 1 Comentar

Friends, pray on my behalf for a right life partner in my life, pray for me and my family members as lot of decisions to be taken regarding my marriage, for God s guidance in all these. and things related to my marriage, as God guides you, you can remember in prayer. if God will s and blesses soon i will be getting marriage Praise God !

SEÑALES EN EL CIELO-Cadena Mundial de Oración Feb 17, 2013 2 Comentarios

A todos nuestros amados contactos, siervos y siervas del Señor, de nuestra Cadena Mundial de Oraciòn y a todos los miembros en general de esta red cristiana,Cross.tv. Les instamos a perseverar orando por lo menos una vez diaria fervientemente. Juntos y Unánimes en Oración e Intercesión Constante. Orar por las necesidades: espírituales, morales, económicas, de salud y por la "Cadena". Intercediendo y peleando la buena batalla de la fe, por todos y cada uno de los países aqui representados (en parte) en los 5 continetes; como embajadores y soldados de Cristo. Evangelizando a aquél que no conoce de Cristo. "El Señor no retarda su promesa, según algunos lo tienen por tardanza, sino que es paciente para con nosotros, no queriendo que ninguno perezca, sino que todos procedan al arrepentimiento. Pero el día del Señor vendrá como ladrón en la noche; EN EL CUAL LOS CIELOS PASARAN CON GRANDE ESTRUENDO,Y LOS ELEMENTOS ARDIENDO SERAN DESHECHOS, y la tierra y las obras que en ella hay seràn quemadas." 2a Pedro 3:9y10. ..." Y LAS ESTRELLAS CAERAN DEL CIELO, Y LAS POTENCIAS DE LOS CIELOS SERAN CONMOVIDAS. " Mateo 24:29 " Y habrà grandes terremotos, y en diferentes lugares hambres y pestilencias; Y HABRA TERROR Y GRANDES SEÑALES DEL CIELO." Lucas 21:11. Muchas señales, de estas, se han cumplido.CRISTO RETORNA A ESTA TIERRA...¡¡ PRONTO!!. ¿ Y NOSOTROS... QUE HEMOS HECHO POR LAS ALMAS QUE SE PIERDEN CADA DIA SIN CONOCER DEL SEÑOR? BENDICIONES.

my friend David s prayer request Feb 13, 2013 3 Comentarios

Received my Doctors report today. Not looking good at all. My wife is freaking out after reading it. They found a very rare disease, so rare that they can't even get enough people to study it. I need to see a heart specialist. Many of the few with this have heart problems with this. I am not afraid but concerned right now. God has healed me from worse then this. At least the meds can help my right leg to function better. It explains why I have had problems with my lungs and digestive system. If I have a heart problem, I am unaware of it at this time. This one thing is still true God is in control and he is bigger then my problems. I will not fear, I live by faith in my God and Savior. Please keep my wife Suzanne in your prayers.

Pray for Anointing Feb 04, 2013 1 Comentar

sis. Baby, last year started writing the whole Bible in her own writing and she finished it some days before. you can pray for more anointing and God s blessing on her. Praise God !

For those involved in conflicts Feb 01, 2013 2 Comentarios

For those involved in conflicts. The innocent, The guilty, The injured, Orphaned, Widowed, Dead. Politicians, Peacemakers, Relief workers, For those involved in conflicts Bring comfort, Compassion, Sustenance, Repentance,, Forgiveness, Healing, Tears, Love, And a peace that can endure. Amen

Lord of Heaven and Earth Feb 01, 2013 1 Comentar

Lord of heaven and earth, of all nations and peoples all faiths and no faith. reveal yourself to those who are suffering, reveal yourself to all who are refugees, reveal yourself to those who are powerful, reveal yourself to all who are powerless, reveal yourself to ordinary people in their everyday lives, that this world might reflect your love and your glory. Amen

Rural Church Jan 28, 2013 1 Comentar

friends today a pastor approached me, and shared me that he was praying for a house church in a tribal and hindu dominated area, here in Orissa informed me also that a person believing in Christ wants to give a us a plot for just on Rs 38,000, you can pray that if this church is constructed, it will be a blessings for those people who are in this village and from generations have not heard about Christ,. This Rural Church will be a light for this villages, where there is no church or believers for a long distanceThis will be our first Rural Church. Praise God !

Flight ticket Jan 23, 2013 1 Comentar

Friends sis. mercy is going to represent about Orissa, India, in a seminar in USA and is also having a program, on the month of June, right now she does not have a flight ticket you can pray that God will make a way for her , due to her background and culture, and her studies and heart in Christ, i know that she is a a blessings to others here, if God wills you will meet her in USA in June God bless!

world s largest Hindu gathering Jan 16, 2013 2 Comentarios

friends, on 14th January, 2013, the largest Hindu gathering took place in allahabad, where lakhs of sadhus(saints) took Holy dip in the Holy river Ganga, many politicians, personalities, are visiting and taking a Holy bath, these is called maha kumbh, which take place after every 12 years, on the first day 10 lakh people including 3 laksh sadhus took a dip in the water, and it will continue for 55 days, 10 lakhs forerunners are there to witness this mega event. these is the revival of the Hindus and encouraging them, these Idol worshippers, are really robbing the Lord of His glory, let us pray together for 55 days, together for the Lord to work, amen

Cadena Mundial de Oraciòn Jan 12, 2013 2 Comentarios

En este año 2013, queremos desearles a todos y cada uno de nuestros amados consiervos y/o contactos que conforman nuestra "Cadena Mundial de Oraciòn Juntos y Unánimes en Oración e Intercesiòn Constante" ; prosperidad espiritual y material en este año que recién inicia y a los que por diferentes causas ya no estàn con nosotros, a todos los bendecimos en el poderoso nombre de nuestro amado Señor Jesucristo. Los instamos a todos muy fervientemente a perseverar unánimes en oraciòn y ruego. Asimismo, si alguno recibe un milagro o favor concedido por Dios, por favor publíquelo en nuestro "My Home" o "Mi Sitio", dele el honor y la gloria al que es digno de recibirla... a Jesucristo el amado. Les recordamos a los grupos, iglesias, ministerios, artistas y bandas y en general a todos...los que conforman la "Cadena", orar en sus reuniones por la misma.

i am scared! Jan 05, 2013 6 Comentarios

friends, you can remember, as our neighbours are again started threatening us, there is a cut mark of an axe, in our doors, it happened during our absence, and they have written in language that "this is the beginning", we are scared, we are praying, you can pray that nothing wrong may happen,

Pray For Jan 04, 2013

Friends some information are here you can pray for as the Holy Spirit leads you. (1)- a foster parent by sponsoring a orphan needy child monthly $30 (2)-Bibles $4each (3)-Tracts & Booklets $5 per bundle of 100-300 (4)-Bicycles for spreading the Gospel $110 (5) -Sponsor a Native Missionary/pastor (6)- Motorcycle for a Missionary/Pastor $1200 (7)-Donate toward the building of a well $100-$2700 (8)-Support Manna Children Home for Orphan (Manna Ministries) (9)- Provide a sewing Machine $115 (10)-Support a New Church building God bless!

Prayer for 2013 Dec 29, 2012 6 Comentarios

I am knowing for each of us that this new year will be our best ever! I know that it is time for our dreams to come through and true and all the abundance of money, goods and services is now ours. All our business and personal goals are achieved. We have perfect health, vitality and rejuvenation. With every breath we take we are revitalized, rejuvenated and empowered. Creative ideas flow to us and everything that is needed to manifest them appears on time and in time. We are surrounded by love and support. We are filled with joy every moment of our days and nights. We love and appreciate ourselves and surround ourselves only with others where there is that same mutual love and respect. We are a beneficial presence everywhere we are. We are so truly blessed in everyway. Thank you Lord God. Thank you for being in our lives. Peace and blessings to all our friends. Amen

wicked persons Dec 29, 2012 1 Comentar

today it is a sad day in India, as a girl who was gang raped died because of , multi organ failure, after battling for life for about12 days, friends, there will be many rules and regulations, to control this kind of crime, friends lets us pray together that Jesus will be received by the people in India, and the sin, and evil in any form, will run away, let us pray together for these kind of wicked people, that Jesus love them, and they will be changed in the name of Jesus let us pray together!

for land Dec 26, 2012

friends, sis mary has seen a plot of 6000 square feet areas, and she is praying , you can pray for her, as she says it is the God speaking to her for this, she will purchase about 1000 sauare feet areas to construct an orphanage, if God makes her financially strong she may purchase the 6000 square feet. pray for this land, they want God help in their decisions and everything Praise God

Bible Dec 17, 2012 2 Comentarios

Before a few hours , i completed reading the Bible for the 7th time, you can pray for me to read once again, i feel blessed to do so, i believe i am inching towards the Lord, to know Him more. you can give me some advice

Cadena Mundial de Oraciòn-Prayer Chain World Dec 11, 2012

A todos nuestros contactos y amigos de Cross.tv. Sigamos orando e intercediendo fervientemente por el pueblo de Philippines que està sufriendo terriblemente el desastre ocasionado por la tormenta tropical Pablo. Hay màs de 850 desaparecidos y màs 550 muertos. Bendiciones. To all our contacts and friends Cross.tv. Kepp praying and interceding earnestly, for people of Philippines, who is suffering the disaster caused by tropical storm Paul. There are more than 850 missing and 550 dead. Blessings.

A Prayer For The Children at Christmas time Dec 07, 2012 4 Comentarios

With all our hearts we commend our dear children to You. We entrust them to Your fatherly care and all-powerful protection so that they may grow daily in Your holy love. May they lead perfect Christian lives and be a source of consolation to us and worthily serve You who are their creator. Guard our children, O Lord; help and defend them. Grant us the grace to guide them in the paths of virtue and in the way of Your commandments. We will do this by the good example of our own life, by observance of Your holy law and that of our holy mother, the Church. In order that we may do so faithfully, make us conscious of our grave obligations to Your divine justice. But all our efforts will fail unless You, O almighty and merciful God, will make them fruitful by Your heavenly blessing. Trusting in the great goodness and mercy You have shown us, we humbly ask Your blessing upon all of the children of the world. We ask it for the children whom You have graciously given us. We dedicate them to You, O Lord. Keep them as the apple of Your eye, and protect them under the shadow of Your wings. Make us worthy to reach heaven together with them, where forever we may praise and thank You, our Father, for the loving care You have given our family. Amen.

Protection Dec 06, 2012 4 Comentarios

Friends this Christmas season has begun, lets pray together for the protection of the believers during this time, as there are many attacks in different parts of India. and also that this Christmas be a peaceful one, specially for Orissa. who had seen a massive persecution in 2008. let God fight in favour of us!

Ravi Zacharias Dec 02, 2012

world renowned Apologetics and a powerful man of God, an evangelist Ravi Zacharias is coming to India , and the programs start from 4th of december 2012 , you can pray for Him for Gods protection , and everything else, his team, and that God will bring people and speak to these people through Ravi Zacharias, let this time, people of India know, hear that there is a God named Jesus who has died for their sins. and let them come forward for the Lord Jesus . let there be a mighty outpouring of the HOLY SPIRIT GLORY TO JESUS !

10-15 PERSONS TO BE BAPTIZED Nov 25, 2012 1 Comentar

friends, on the this coming wednesday, which is on 28-11-2012 , 10-15 persons, are going to take water baptism, they will accept publicly, Jesus Christ as their saviour. you can pray for them to prepare their heart, for this day of salvation, it is not easy in India to come out for Christ, but they are ready. , this is our labour and God s blessing, pray that none will step backward, as there are few due to their situation. and their family and life from now on to be under the surveilance of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ Praise God

A Prayer for Israel Nov 22, 2012 6 Comentarios

Dear Heavenly Father, We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We are sad to see the violence and suffering as men, women and children are injured and killed on both sides of the conflict. We don't understand why it has to be this way, nor do we truly know if war is right or wrong. But we pray for justice, your sovereign righteousness, Lord. And at the same time we pray for mercy. For everyone involved we pray, for governments and peoples, militants and terrorists, we ask for your kingdom to come and rule over the land. Protect the soldiers and civilians from bloodshed. May your truth and light shine in the darkness. Where there is only hatred, may your love prevail. Help me as a Christian to support those who you support, Lord, and to bless those who you bless, my God. Bring your salvation to Israel, dear God. Bring your salvation to the whole earth. Amen

Prayer for Financial Blessings Nov 19, 2012 7 Comentarios

We ask all everyone to pray for a financial increase for the CRIES Foundation's funds. We have several progams that need more funding to allow us to continue providing young girls rescued from sex slavery with a safe, loving home, education, clothing and food. we all thank you in advance for your prayers. Father, in the Name of Jesus we confess Your will over The CRIES Foundation's finances this day, that we have given the tithes of our increase and we claim the windows of heaven blessings for our ministry. Thank You Father, our mind is alert and we hear Your voice and the voice of the stranger we will not follow. Thank You, We receive now doors for our ministry funding open for us and the children we are rescuing. Father, we have given to the poor, saved children from slavery, therefore, we will never lack.we will always have all sufficiency in all things as you are raising up others to use their power, their ability and their influence to help us. We expect daily, Father, for the Spirit of God to speak to men and women concerning giving to The CRIES Foundation, and in the name of Jesus those to whom the Spirit of God has designated are free to obey and give to us good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. In Jesus’ Name, we believe every need is met with heaven’s best. We have given for the support of the work of God and those who teach His Word. You promised that You would supply all our need according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. So, we thank You Father, we live the best and enjoy the best in every area of our ministry. Father, Your Word said we can decree all things because of our covenant vow with You for the kingdom of God in the earth. We thank You for wisdom and insight to bring it to pass. You give The CRIES Foundation richly all things to help rescue the innocent children from slavery, satan, we bind your activity in our ministry and we loose the angels, the ministering spirits of God to minister for us and bring in the necessary finances so that we may continue to finance the kingdom of God and continue our work for You. Father, Your Word declares that our giving increases the fruits of our righteousness. We thank You Father, we have the abundance of peace, the abundance of joy, the abundance of patience, the abundance of temperance and the abundance of goodness. The maximum return on our giving is ours because we give to promote the Name of Jesus and the gospel in the earth. Save the young and innocent children from the hands of the enemy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

For Those Living with Poverty and Hunger Nov 15, 2012

For Those Living with Poverty and Hunger, Our Loving Creator God, We bring before you this day the burden the whole world carries as it endures extreme poverty and hunger in every land. Stretch out your loving arms, we pray, to embrace the suffering women, men and children whose bodies, minds and spirits are shrinking before our very eyes. Help us to look, really look, with clear eyes and open hearts, to see the pain and hopelessness in their bewildered eyes. Kindle within each one of us a flame of love and purpose, and then Enable us to channel our love into action in every way possible and impossible. For this we pray. Amen

Prayers for Sister Judy UPDATED Nov 11, 2012 1 Comentar

We at the CRIES Foundation ask everyone to keep Sister Judy, one of our founders in your prayers. Update on Sister Judy's condition. We now believed that she has a problem with her kidneys, causing her body to hold fluids, and cause tremendous pain. I ask you all to pray for her kidneys and the rest of her body to be healed in Jesus Name " By his stipes we were healed" Pray for us please.We know the lord has already provided her healing but we ask that you keep her in your prayers. "Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the hastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." Isaiah 53:4-5 Thank you and God Bless everyone.