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Temple Of Revelation|United States

Dr Eleanor Phifer - Ambassador P O Box 161054 Louisville, Ky. (40256-zip)

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I pray all mankind do greater works this year than last year we pray for a supernatural breakthrough for this generations hearts to turn towards God Almighty and the land be healed.

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Greater Jan 28, 2020

I pray all mankind do greater works this year than last year we pray for a supernatural breakthrough for this generations hearts to turn towards God Almighty and the land be healed.

For me Jun 29, 2016 2 Comentarios

Friends, I am happy and excited for my marriage, and thank the Lord God, on the other hand, I am little concerned about the arrangement, feast, gifts for elders, Jewellery for the Bride. You can pray that God bless my heart with peace and joy, and remove any negative feelings. Let God bless with sufficient finance according to need, and this marriage glorify God, and let unbelievers and others never get a chance to make me, and the bride feel ashamed, of not making a good welcome to everyone. please do pray, your prayers can remove all the power of darkness, and bring a blessings of joy and peace, in our lives, which we are going to began on 13th July. Thank You, and may God bless you abundantly.

13th July 2016 Jun 23, 2016 3 Comentarios

Friends, on 13th July 2016, i am getting married, you all are invited to attend my marriage, but i know you are far away, so your prayers, and good wishes are always welcomed. you can pray for me, and the girl, whom i am getting married. and every thing related to marriage. arrangements , friends and relatives, and God bless and bless this marriage. Thank you!

Dad admitted in ICU Mar 29, 2016 3 Comentarios

Friends, before few hours, we rushed our dad to a nearest medical hospital. if it would have been 10 minutes delayed we would have lost our father, but thank God, He divinely guided and blessed him. Dad is having lot of health complications, and is now in the ICU, Doctors, said he will be there for 4-6 more days, under observation and test, we are not allowed to stay beside him, but the hospital staff is taking care of him. you can pray. 1- God heal him, give peace, and comfort. 2- for the doctors, and staff to be guided by the Lord, 3- for our family members to stay calm, and God guide and help us during this time. 4-The medical bills does not go very high. 5-God bless the medicines and food he takes 6- Dad get well, and return home very soon. 7- God control our family members, its really very hard in this kind of emergency and critical health conditions 8- God bind every power of darkness, and let the work of devil, and his plan fail completely, in Jesus name Amen! Thank You!

Healing for my dad Feb 08, 2016 1 Comentar

Friends, can you please pray for my dad for healing, andgood health. Today he is having fever and body ache, in addition to high blood pressure. He just came from the doctors and now took some medicine and is taking rest. Going to the doctor again and again and buying lot of medicines is not possible. Lets pray that he gets the healing from the Lord. God bless!

Life Partner Dec 27, 2015

Friends can you please pray, that i will find my life partner or God will lead me to her soon. Friends of my age are already married and i think it is the right time for me to get married, and you can also pray for very everything related to marriage. That everything goes well. Thank You!

Life Partner Dec 27, 2015 2 Comentarios

Friends can you please pray, that i will find my life partner or God will lead me to her soon. Friends of my age are already married and i think it is the right time for me to get married, and you can also pray for very everything related to marriage. That everything goes well. Thank You!

To Read Again Nov 02, 2015 1 Comentar

Friends i have completed reading the Bible today. You can pray for me to read it once again. And Let God bless me understand what He speaks to me through the Bible. and what ever i am receiving let not the devil take it away. Thank You!

"Prayers for 6 month old Baby Himanshi" Sep 23, 2015 1 Comentar

Friends, yesterday a Hindu couple with there 2 girl child, Preeti 4 years old, and Himanshi 6 months old came to our house. They asked us to pray for Himanshi, and we have offered prayers to the Lord, seeking healing for the Baby Himanshi, and also prayed for the salvation of this family. Doctors says, no problem is found in the body of Himanshi. But she tighten’s her body, and starts foaming in mouth. she is suffering a lot, just like the incidence in the Bible where Jesus heals a person with this disease. Also the head is not balanced in the neck, but always fall backwards. Friends you can pray that God heal this baby Himanshi, and be glorified in their family, and also that this family come to know Jesus and give their lives to Jesus, and this Couple and child, stand as a witness in the family and society. Himanshi needs a healing touch from the Lord. let us agree together, in Jesus name and bless the 6 month old baby Himanshi. Thank You!

"Coming to USA next month" Sep 04, 2015 2 Comentarios

Friends, next month i am arriving in USA. can you please pray for me that God guide me and bless me during my stay in USA, regarding my good health, friendship, fellowship and attending the leaders conference. i want to be a blessing for the friends and people i meet there. let this trip to USA bring glory to my Lord and help me to learn and experience the love of God and share others. Thank you friends for your precious prayers God bless!

US VISA Jul 25, 2015

Friends, i am going for a US VISA interview with a week or two.please do pray for me that God will help in preparing the documents , and let everything go well including the visa interview, and i get a chance to be in USA to meet friends soon. God bless!

Thank you for this life Jun 08, 2015 2 Comentarios

Lord,  thank you for guiding and protecting me, for supporting my endeavours and for bringing me back on the right way when I get lost. So many good things happened  in my life by your  love and light. And when I find no solution or answer you hear  my prayers and  bless me with enlightenment. With you in my heart I lost my fears, my doubts, I get stronger every day, and I have the courage to be who you want me to be, to go the  way  you wrote into the book of my life. I want to thank you for making me, who I am, for giving me the talents and gifts that I now can put into service to those who need it. I thank you, for making me understand, what my task is in life and where the journey goes. You taught me to listen, to wait, to change perspective. You taught me to not give up, gave me a clearer view. You taught me to love my fellow humans and all the creatures on this beautiful planet you made our home. You taught me to care about what you gave to us, to treasure and protect it and make others aware of the beauty in it. I thank you for this life and for the bond you let me have with you -  your never ending love. 

Earth quakes in Nepal and India. Apr 27, 2015

Friends more than 3000 people have died in Nepal and more than 40 in India. Around 6,00,000 people have been effected . Abd about 4000 people are injured and there has been about 50 aftershocks with high magnitude on Richter scale about 7.6 , and people are in panic fear and suffering for the last 3 days,according to Indian news channel. Friends lets pray for these victimsfor God's peace , comfort and help them. Let us bless them with our prayers. Thank You! If any of you feel , to help them please write to me i can make you in contact with our Nepalese brothers and sisters. God bless!

Hurt Myself Feb 15, 2015 1 Comentar

Friends i was playing football with the childrens in the park. i suudenly fell down and hurt my elbow, and unable to move hands freely, and is paining. you can pray that i get healed, otherwise it will be wastaage of money for the medicines, and doctor. please pray for my quick recovery, Amen. God bless!

Your Grace Feb 04, 2015 1 Comentar

God, my Lord! Sometimes we forget about your grace. Life is wonderful, and we take it for granted. We think we are the makers and the shapers. We give advise and preach our truth. We think we know best, because we try to. We get proud and in love with ourselves. We forget that it is all in your hands. That it is You,  who gives and takes,  who molds and brakes, who is day and night, who is love and delight, who is the beginning  and the end of everything. God, my Lord, guide me back when I lose my way, because you are my home and my shelter.

Converting Christians to Hindus forcibly Dec 18, 2014 2 Comentarios

Before few days back 30 families were forcibly converted to Hinduism. And according to the News in Indian television, the Hindu religious outfit, are organising an event,on 25the december. They are going to convert 4000, christians to hindus, and in year they are planning to bring to Hindusim, about 1,00,000 people. they are calling this program, House return. they are saying, the Hindus, were converted to christianity, and they are returning home(Hinduism) Today there is an Ultimatium from a Hindu leader, that the Christians will be converted to Hindus, before 31st December, 2021. And India will be a Hindu Nation. our prayers are needed, we can pray for a minute for this matter, in our heart. and kneeling down before our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, so that God will hear our prayers for our dear brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless!

"Messiah Mission' Nov 18, 2014

Friends, Messiah Mission is now registered in USA. you can pray that God's people join Messiah Mission in USA and other places, so that the work of God grows, in India, and other places, according to the will of God. Thank You.

Two Times Oct 21, 2014

Friends thank you for prayers, i was able to read to read the Bible two more times. once again i will be starting to read the Bible, and to write the whole Bible once , pray that i will establish a good relationship with the Lord, and have deeper understanding of the word of God, and apply in my life. God bless!

My Oct 18, 2014

Friend, my father's, cousin brother, who was Hindu devotee, today committed suicide. you can pray for peace and comfort for my Aunty, my brothers and sisters, and their relatives, and salvatio(Jesus) to come in their family, Let Jesus come in their life, and satan be gone from this family, Amen

Cyclone " Hud Hud" in Orissa(India) Oct 10, 2014

Friends there will be a Cylone called “Hud Hud “passing through Orissa(India) from 11th October. The Government is in full swing in evacuating people and preparing for the rescue and relief operations. It will be about 150 km away from my house, so my place will get heavy rains, but those near to the sea coast will get heavy rain and storms, there will be a damage to the houses, lives and their area will be flooded, and diseases, the situation will be very grim. Lets pray and submit this to the Lord, for Him to help the people and control the situation. Let God’s love and care reach the people who will now struggle because of the Cylone “Hud Hud” Thank you!

Support Oct 05, 2014 1 Comentar

Friends on 26th september, the Day Care Centre beginned, Thanks everyone for praying. Friends, you can pray that God bless us with sufficient finances every month. Pray for protection, and God s love to flow in the lives of the Childrens. Thank You! FRIENDS YOU CAN SEE PICTURES IN THE GALLERY

Coming to USA Aug 16, 2014 1 Comentar

Friends, you know, before a few years back, i have posted that i would like to come to USA, and do a training, course, and some of you have prayed, i am glad to inform, that i have got an opportunity to come to USA, you can pray that i may make, and arrange every documents, needed to be produced in the VISA office, and i pass the interview, and get a chance to be in the USA, i believe, and pray that very soon i will be in the USA, for the glory of my living Lord, Amen. God bless!

Feeling Heavy In Heart Aug 01, 2014 2 Comentarios

Friends, today i am feeling heavy in heart, restless, and my heart seems to beat faster, as today my dad was diagnosed with lymph nodes, so he will be regularly visiting the doctor and taking medicines for few months, you can pray that he get healed, and not suffer due to excess medicine at this old age, and secondly, there are few things that are not happening according to me they are causing me restless, friends, you can pray that i have a peace in my heart, and Gods knowledge and wisdom to be filled within me during these days.. God bless! Thank you!

Day Care Centre Jun 14, 2014 4 Comentarios

Friends, God has blessed me with monthly money to take care of 20 Childrens, and the Day Care Centre will begin within a few days from now, you can pray that everything goes well. God bless!

Kidnapped Jun 05, 2014 1 Comentar

friends Priest Alexis Prem kumar is kidnapped bt the terrorist in the Herat region in Afghanistan, you can pray for him and his family members, Lord take things in your control, Amen.

Land for Perishing Young people Souls May 27, 2014 5 Comentarios

Hello dear brother/sister in Christ Jesus! One day while I was in prayer, I have had the strong inspiration and also God showed me that there has a been the specific LAND, which signifying that every Sunday evening at 4.00PM, prayer meeting was being conducted for the solely youngsters, accordingly, I have found out the particular LAND itself what God had revealed. Therefore, in such a situation We have approached the owner of the land in our village, Tsunduru itself and She is ready to sell this land worth1000 square yards, for which its present market rate is Rupees 20,00,000 (in USA Dollars 33,000). Hence, because of these Apt prevailing matters and factors in this aspect in accordance with God's inspiration and revealing We shall have to buy this land itself and as you too know very well the youth are being misguided and addicted to many bad habits in the society, accordingly, in such a adverse situation, it is our bounden duty and moral responsibility that many more youth souls have to be saved, as well. It is our strong motive and firm determination. Therefore, as this is being the precious and sustainable endevour for the youth it is our humble request, please kindly pray all its peaceful and successful fulfillment at an earliest and most obviously, for this sake, We do need your immense prayers as well as generous support with pleasure. And also according to your possibility, Please kindly extend this much financial help through you and also through the kind involvement of your good friends and also your fellow Christian Church members there itself. It is our humble request only, The Land is now ready for sale, We are praying for you, hope you will do the same AS HE does Thanking you, Pastor Rao

Mother is ill May 14, 2014 1 Comentar

mother is ill for the past few days, you can pray that she have a good health, and keep us away from visiting the doctors, and taking medicine, again and agian, Amen.

Pray for me Apr 23, 2014 1 Comentar

Not feeling well due to heat waves, you can pray that i feel relax and a good health prevail presently, Thank you!

Pray If You Think About TATOO Apr 08, 2014 3 Comentarios

Lev. 19:28 The Bible Say, 28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord. 29 Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness. 30 Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord.

Deliverance Mar 06, 2014

Lord, we pray your people be healed set free and delivered in the name of Jesus our Lord! http://templeofrevelation.webs.com

“Church planting Seminar Prayer Request” Mar 01, 2014 2 Comentarios

“Church planting Seminar Prayer Request” Dear Respected Brothers and Sisters and Prayer Supporters Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus … We happily share this good news about one of leaders couple from DK is coming to visit in Pakistan & Dubai in March 2014... Please, kindly do remember us into your personal prayers that God fill His Spirit among this Church Planting Seminar. We are expecting around 250 Church Planters in this event and surely we will send you pictures update regarding about this event. Thanks & blessing Yours in Him

“Pastors & Leadership Seminar Prayer Request” Mar 01, 2014 2 Comentarios

“Pastors & Leadership Seminar Prayer Request” Dear Respected Brothers and Sisters and Prayer Supporters Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ … We happily share this good news about one of leaders couple from Denmark is coming to visit in Pakistan & Dubai in March 2014... Please, kindly do remember us into your personal prayers that God fill His Spirit among this Pastors & Leadership Seminar. We are expecting around 800 Pastors, Leaders and Evangelists in this event and surely we will send you pictures update regarding about this event. Thanks & blessing Yours in Him Pastor Asif Saleem

Church, Bible School, Orphanage Feb 21, 2014 1 Comentar

Friendspray that God will built for the people here Church Bible School , Orphanage so that they may know Jesus attend and be blessed in praying many thanks!

my little bro. felix Feb 15, 2014 1 Comentar

Friends, my little bro. felix before a few days went for a disciple training to lucknow, i donot know what exactly happened to him , what accident happened to him, the doctors say he had a cut in his vein, and he needs immediate surgery, he is in pain, other wise he will be paralysed, we donot have that much finance to go and meet him and go for the kind of suregery the doctors are suggesting,, he also cannot come to us without surgery because of his physical problems now, my parents are too old to travel to him, this is a very complicated and tense situation, and its a cascading effect, you can pray that God heal him , now and solve this critical problem. what shall i do? thank you!

Lord, you are the master.... Feb 09, 2014 4 Comentarios

Lord, I thank you, for how you care for me, you guide me, you teach me, you comfort me, you open my eyes, you sharpen my ears, you lighten my darkness, you erase my doubts, you make me happy, and teach me love. Lord, I thank you, for how  you make me understand, this life as a gift, as a chance, to live your love, to feel your love, to see your love, in your creation. Lord,  you are the master of beauty, of perfection, a painter, a carpenter, a sculptor, a gardener, and so much more. But we -  in greed and arrogance, turn beauty into ugliness, kill our planet, and destroy the lives you gave in love. Lord, I pray for those,  who do not understand, please let your light  enter their souls, and let your love awake them from this nightmare, they have chosen to live in. I pray for those, who never get enough, and yet are poorer than the poorest. I pray for those,  with concrete hearts, and darkened minds, to open up to you. I pray for those, who seek, so that   they find, and see you, and Lord, I pray: stay close to me, and never take away your light of love, that guides me  to the end of times...

Prayers For Inmates Feb 05, 2014 1 Comentar

Dr Phifer I want to write back to tell you of the beautiful blessing that was extended this week. The Senate Judicial Committee has vote 13-5 in favor of the Smarter Sentencing Act which will allow over 8000 inmate to receive relief from the courts, that have been sentence for crack cocaine before 2010. It's the first step in which will ultimately lead to the gates of release. So continue to pray for us as you and all the Saints have been doing. Thank you for that love that you have always given and let the church know their prayers are being heard.

KJV BIBLE Feb 02, 2014 7 Comentarios

friends, i was able to successfully read the Bible once again from the first to the last page, Praise God, you can pray that what i have read God bless me to remember the scripture, and apply it in my life, can pray that God help me to once again go through it , for i feel really blessed to read the word of God, for i am able to know and find many things by meditating. i also encourage you to read it more with prayer. thank you melchis

pray for them who attended revival meeting Jan 17, 2014 2 Comentarios

Hi thank you very much for your prayers, yesterday, , it was like a miracle day, as people expected to see miracle and majority have experienced the Lord, and about 15 people gave testimony that they got instantly healed and the power of God touching them, thank s also to pastor prakash and his team. and today, it was like teaching the youth and was presided by two speaker, and really it was a wonderful message for the youths, about 200 youths attended, we pray that God touch them and bring them to the light, i am getting no words to express my happiness, as i am feeling the Joy of being in His presence and seeing how he was working,thank you for your prayers, you can pray that as we have the name and address of the youth ,if these people can be focused and trained well and guided in the Lord, i believe they will be a blessings to others. it was also a very nice day for me, for God spoke to me, thank you once again, for prayers.

Melchisedec Singh Dec 04, 2013 5 Comentarios

Melchisedec Singh Dec 04, 2013 1 Comentar

Please Prayer For These Peoples Sep 22, 2013 1 Comentar

Today 75 Christians were killed and more than 100 injured when two people strapped with suicide bombs exploded themselves outside Kohati Gate Peshawar Church after the church service ended. Please pray with us for Christian families who have lost their loved ones under attack in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Urgent Prayer Request For Flood Victims Aug 14, 2013 1 Comentar

KASUR: Water released by India into the River Sutlej on Saturday submerged standing crops over thousands of acres and also flooded a number of towns. India released water into the River Sutlej, which caused harm to the nearby villages including Chanda Singhwala, Ghutti Kalanger, Kasoki and Mashteki. 20,377 cusecs of water has been passing through River Sutlej near Ganda Singhwala post in Kasur, which could lead to a heavy flood. IF you need any information please let us know and keep them in your Prayer .....

Deliverance Jun 28, 2013 1 Comentar

God Elohim ,The Creator,I come in the name of Jesus My Master Adoani asking for you to send "Deliverance" to your people and children,many of your people & children need deliverance with hands laid on them to cast out the demons that dwell within. Father I ask that you break the yokes from your people and bring them unto you and under your covenant ,of Grace & Mercy with the hope of life eternal.Bless your people and children according to Your will in the Mighty name of Jesus,this prayer is sealed by the power & blood of your Son Jesus ...amen

Please Prayer For me Jun 17, 2013 2 Comentarios

Hello every one Hope you all doing fine in him. And me want to let you know all tomorrow me going to preaching in Healing Meetings So please remember me in your prayer so will deliver God message to his People as he want Take Good Care of your Self all Stay Blessed in him....Pastor Asif Saleem

Lord, I love you May 30, 2013 9 Comentarios

Lord,  I thank you. For taking me on your holy wings  and guiding me safely  through good and bad. For giving me comfort  and confidence when I am frail and weak. For being with me in the loneliest of times. For bringing your light to me in the darkness of dispair. For answering my prayers  with your all embracing love. For  breaking my shell with pain to let me understand you more. Lord, I thank you for uttering these words through my lips to let me sing this prayer of love, to you, who knew me long before I was born. Lord I thank you, to let me come to this life out of the silence of your dreams. Lord, I love you.

prayer for Alexandar Mar 17, 2013

you can pray for alexandar, he has written his 10th exam, but suddenly he is suffering from blood cancer, and he needs 30 lacs for his treatment, it is a very huge amout for him and his family, we know Jesus is the only answer to this, let us pray and submit alexandar, and also his family , and things related . into the mighty hand of Jesus and wait to hear a testimony, for the glory of the Lord Jesus , we know tthat Jesus is the only answer for alexandar . thank you

kentycky-Haiti Mission Feb 20, 2013

Our Father we pray for miracles to surround the heart of your people and bless those in need citywide and our families in Haiti.Amen!

Prayer for those affected by Hurricane Sandy Nov 07, 2012 6 Comentarios

The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us in a world beyond our control yet promised never to allow it's captivity to decay to destroy us. We now pray for all those experiencing the havoc of storm and tempest in the Caribbean and North America, especially those who have lost homes or loved ones. Give courage to those who work in emergency services, wisdom to those leading communities and nations, and compassion and patience to families and friends as they seek safety together, share the grief this time, and work to rebuild cities and neighbourhoods. Hasten that day when the whole creation shall be renewed and we live at peace and in harmony with the world and its peoples. Accept our prayer through Jesus Christ, who himself calmed the storm and taught us not to fear but to trust you as the God who dwells with us in every circumstance."