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Apostle Walker

Apostle Walker|United States

Chozeh Remnant Bride

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God Elohim ,The Creator,I come in the name of Jesus My Master Adoani asking for you to send "Deliverance" to your people and children,many of your people & children need deliverance with |más

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Sound the Trumpet Ministry.com

Sep 10, 2015

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Sound the Trumpet Ministry is having a Sweepstakes Give-Away!
The prize is an "Anointed Wedding Prayer Veil"
God spoke to me saying,"The Women of God are not covering their heads during personal prayer before me"
Then God instructed me to purchase 6 wedding veils and anoint them for seven days with the last 3 days of being on a water only fast.To enter the Seeepstakes give away you must log onto www.soundthetrumpetministry.com
O the menu bar click onto Sweepstakes for instructions on how to enter the Sweepstakes.
If anyone wants to purchase thier very own Anointed Prayer Wedding Veil on the menu bar click on "online store" 
you will find there the Anointed Prayer Wedding Veils and the Prophets Anointing Oil that has all 4 spices in it the same as God told Moses to make.
May God Adonai bless everyone and may He answer your prayers according to His Will...in Jesus Name...amen