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Kssie Quittere|United States

Seigneur mon Dieu, je te célébrerai de tout mon cœur, et je glorifierai ton saint nom à toujours.

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Merci Seigneur pour ta bonte envers nous. Pour la vie, pour les jours ensoleillés. Pour la sante, pour les joies et les peines. Nous te demandons donc plus de foi, plus de patience , de |más

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To Read Again Nov 02, 2015 1 Comentar

Friends i have completed reading the Bible today. You can pray for me to read it once again. And Let God bless me understand what He speaks to me through the Bible. and what ever i am receiving let not the devil take it away. Thank You!

Hurt Myself Feb 15, 2015 1 Comentar

Friends i was playing football with the childrens in the park. i suudenly fell down and hurt my elbow, and unable to move hands freely, and is paining. you can pray that i get healed, otherwise it will be wastaage of money for the medicines, and doctor. please pray for my quick recovery, Amen. God bless!

Two Times Oct 21, 2014

Friends thank you for prayers, i was able to read to read the Bible two more times. once again i will be starting to read the Bible, and to write the whole Bible once , pray that i will establish a good relationship with the Lord, and have deeper understanding of the word of God, and apply in my life. God bless!

My Oct 18, 2014

Friend, my father's, cousin brother, who was Hindu devotee, today committed suicide. you can pray for peace and comfort for my Aunty, my brothers and sisters, and their relatives, and salvatio(Jesus) to come in their family, Let Jesus come in their life, and satan be gone from this family, Amen

Cyclone " Hud Hud" in Orissa(India) Oct 10, 2014

Friends there will be a Cylone called “Hud Hud “passing through Orissa(India) from 11th October. The Government is in full swing in evacuating people and preparing for the rescue and relief operations. It will be about 150 km away from my house, so my place will get heavy rains, but those near to the sea coast will get heavy rain and storms, there will be a damage to the houses, lives and their area will be flooded, and diseases, the situation will be very grim. Lets pray and submit this to the Lord, for Him to help the people and control the situation. Let God’s love and care reach the people who will now struggle because of the Cylone “Hud Hud” Thank you!

Support Oct 05, 2014 1 Comentar

Friends on 26th september, the Day Care Centre beginned, Thanks everyone for praying. Friends, you can pray that God bless us with sufficient finances every month. Pray for protection, and God s love to flow in the lives of the Childrens. Thank You! FRIENDS YOU CAN SEE PICTURES IN THE GALLERY

Merci Seigneur pour ton Amour! Jun 14, 2014 1 Comentar

Merci Seigneur pour ta bonte envers nous. Pour la vie, pour les jours ensoleillés. Pour la sante, pour les joies et les peines. Nous te demandons donc plus de foi, plus de patience , de l'humilité, de générosité, Aide nous pour que nous soyons toujours prêts à faire ta volonté. Merci Seigneur! Merci pour ton amour.

Heavenly Father, Jun 02, 2014 1 Comentar

You are our Healer. The God who heals. You have compassion for us in our sicknesses. Please Lord, heal my body, go into each cell and correct whatever is wrong. Father, bring healing, harmony, and unity to every cell, every organ, and every system of my body. Heal the root of any pain that I experience. Thanks Lord! Amen!