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Neeky Albert

Neeky Albert|India


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Oh Almighty Lord! Thank you for your all blessing given to me and my family. Please always give your mercy and blessings to us. Amen

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Book of Isaiah

Mar 09, 2014

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The Book of Isaiah, written by prophet Isaiah himself, This book is containing 66 Chapters. Isaiah live a crucial time, midway between founding of the Kingdom under Saul and David and its eventually destruction. A civil war had split the Israelites into North (Israel) and South (Judah), and Isaiah lived in the more pious Southern Kingdom. When Isaiah began his work, the nation seemed strong and wealthy. But Isaiah saw signs of grave danger. People were using their power to harass the poor. Men went around drunk; women cared more about their clothes than about their neighbors' hunger. People gave lip service to God and kept up the outward appearance of religion but did little more. " And he looked for justice, but bloodshed; for righteousness, but heard cries of distress' (Isaiah 5:7) In the eighty century B.C. Isaiah wrote the book that bears his name. It is arguably the most elonguent book in the Old Testament, and you will likely recognize many verses and phrases. Isaiah is full of profound insights into the nature of God and his plan for the earth. Due to its length and its peculiar organization, however, the book may seem hard to grasp. Remember that Isaiah consist of a collection of many messages on various topics, pulled major groupings. To understand Isaiah, it helps to think of the book as divided into several major groupings. Here is a summary of them: Isaiah chapter 1-12: Isaiah's call and messages of warning to Judah during the prosperous days of the kingdom. (These came mostly in the reigns of Uzziah and Jotham) Isaiah chapter 13-23: Isaiah's messages to all the nations around Judah - including enemies and close allies. Isaiah chapter 24-35: A view of the earth's future (24-27) specific messages to the people of Judah as they faced Assyria's imminent invasion. Isaiah chapter 36-39 : An interlude telling of great crises faced by King Hezekiah. The focus of the book moves from Assyria to Babylon. Isaiah chapter 40-48 : Prophecies addressed to a very different situation, 200 years into the future. Now Babylon, not Assyria is the great enemy. Isaiah chapter 49-55 : a word of hope about deliverance through the " suffering servant." Isaiah chapter 56-66 : General warnings to Judah, and a view of the future. (Learn 2 Listen from the Book of prophet Isaiah READ it for understanding and LET the Blessings FLOW)