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Why You Must Love Yourself Before You Can Love Others

May 20, 2015

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FRESH BREAD FROM OUR LORD…. You cannot love anyone if you do not love yourself.  Do you remember my words, “love your neighbor as yourself?  “These words are most important or you will only be pretending to love others. You put on a fake smile and try to be good but inside you are fearful and uncomfortable loving people for who they really are if you don’t love yourself.  You must love yourself because yourself is what you love others with.  You simply can’t love other people until you love you.  If you’re not gentle with yourself you won’t be gentle with others. If you’re not generous with you – you won’t be generous with others.  If you’re full of guilt you will be judging and condemning to others.  So how do you know if your loving yourself?  Look in the mirror of other peoples eyes.  This will be a mirror to show you your self.  If you truly love yourself you will be warm, happy, full inside and thankful.  You are not just pointing the way, you are the way. You must come to me and let me love you. If you see yourself as I see you you will love who I have created you to be.  Do you know the glory in you is that you are unique not like anyone else in the world?  No one else is just like you. You are not a copy you are an original.  Until you learn who you are you will continually copy others and fall short.  Stop condemning yourself and start loving on people.  Forget about yourself and throw yourself out to bring joy and happiness wherever you go.  If I love you and I live in you then you can love you too.  I am not fooled about your broken life.  Your broken parts become the tools are used to love you.  Love cares, love forgives, love blesses.  Love surrounds the broken and brings healing and restoration.

Marti’s note:
I have a friend I love dearly that has lived this truth and is leading the way for many others.  Christy was diagnosed with a down syndrome baby.  Her first reaction was what she had heard in the world.  This is a flawed baby.  Christie realized quickly that God created every baby and her baby would be her precious child to love and nurture and to be her mommy. When the baby was born it was true she had all the characteristics. Christy held her baby, the one God gave to her and she fell instantly in love with this little soul from heaven.  Christy set up a page on Facebook and called it Isabella “amazing grace.” She begin posting pictures of her dearly loved little girl.  She invited other moms who had these adorable little ones to join her sharing their pictures. When we talk I can see that Izzy is Christys pride and joy. This little one has been in the hospital for as many days in as she has been out with difficulties in her little body from lungs to heart.  Christie is a beautiful witness to show the love of Christ in her healing love to her precious daughter.  She said to me, “I just want people to see Izzy as Izzy not as a baby with an affliction.  She is the perfect daughter for me. ” Truly Christys healing love has opened people’s eyes to see what they could not see.


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