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Are You Ready?!

Mar 30, 2015

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Not Like a Thief for mine!

You have heard that I will come like a thief in the night -  but that is a warning for those who do not follow me.  For those who love me and walk with me it will be like Elijah who left earth in the presence of a Elijah. The angels came in the chariot and he was caught up with me. If you continue to walk with me, you will not be taken by surprise.  It will be as though you were waiting and watching for me to come. Elijah knew the day he was going.  He told Elisha to go back because he wouldn't be with him anymore.  Elisha refused to leave Him so Elijah asked, "What do you want?" Elisha said, "I want a double portion of what you have!"  Elijah knew that if he had eyes to see into the spiritual kingdom that he would have it.  So He said, "If you see me go, then you can have it or you can have the same intimate walk with God that I have."  Elisha saw Him leave in the chariot of fire and Elijah dropped his mantle for him.  What Elijah had was the presence of my Holy Spirit. That is free to all men everywhere if they are willing to deny themselves and their will to follow me.  The power wasn't in the mantle he dropped.  It was in being able to see into the spiritual kingdom. (See 2 Kings 2-17)

Marti's Note;
As a young teenager I rebelled against God because I wanted my will.  But, at the death of my father,  suddenly I wanted what I had seen in him.  He was totally sold out to Jesus.  He spent hours alone with God. He loved all people and his desire was to lead people to Christ.  At his casket I suddenly knew God and I said, "Daddy now I know what your life was all about and I want to spend the rest of my life telling people about Jesus.  God heard that and there must have been an angel present because I felt a little coat just come over my shoulders and I identified it as my dad's mantle.  That day my eyes were opened to the kingdom and since then this world cannot compare to what God has prepared for those who love Him.

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