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You Reign On Earth!

Mar 30, 2015

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FRESH BREAD FROM OUR LORD... (Read in 81 languages on www.martiandthedoor.com)

You Reign on Earth

Do you know I have given to you the pleasure of reigning on the earth? See Revelation 5:10. It's not yet revealed what you should be because you are covered in your earthly bodies. Inside you is undescribable beauty of iridescent color and glory that will be revealed at the appointed time! But for now you are reigning with me in three ways. When you worship me a sweet fragrance goes up before my throne and all of the angels enter into worship with you. When you pray the prayers you offer up to me angelic messengers bring them before the throne. They bring back the answers to you. When you witness it's what you have seen and heard of me you are reigning because every demon fears you. He backs away from truth and life. No one can take away your witness. Your witness is in your words you share that are anointed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. But there is an anointing on your deeds done in my name also. When you are in my spirit you are ruling and reigning. All of the heavenly beings holy and unholy are seeing you and fearing you. All the people around you see you are walking in the Spirit. Be my witnesses wherever you are.