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paula garcia

paula garcia|United States

La biblia nos dice que Jehova "Limpiara toda lagrima de nuestros ojos y la muerte no sera mas, ni existira mas lamento ni clamor ni dolor" Revelacion 21:4..

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Gracias Senor porque tu siempre cuidas de mi y mi familia, que seria de mi si no te sintira serca de mi en cada momento, tu amor me fortalece y me anima a seguir adelante, aunque no soy |más

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paula garcia May 09, 2011 - Sep 24, 2011 5 Comentarios

May 2, 2011 - ... Edit prayer Ending prayer Remove sentence Dear Lord, thank you for my life, thanks for our families, thank you for the daily sustenance of our lives, thank you Lord for watching our dreams and we can reopen our eyes day after day, despite the difficulties of our daily lives. Dear Lord is the time of your coming is near. Lord I pray for the peace of nations, their leaders poured wisdom, I pray for an end to all war, which brings more than bitterness and pain, enlighten the minds of political leaders, peace and love inundalos to they understand how important it is for humans their good works and correct address of what is good and what is bad. Lord Help them build a better world, a decent place where we all live together on equal terms, regardless of color or race, a better world full of peace and love. With all my heart I I implore the Lord. Prayer Team