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Media Multi-Tasking: Effects on Students’ Attention

Mar 16, 2016

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Does multi-tasking get more instagram followers free improve or impair attention? The findings of a laboratory-based how to get free instagram followers and likesstudy (reviewed below) illuminate the relationship between the use of devices and the potential for distraction. The researchers in this study set out to test whether undergraduates who are “heavy media multi-taskers” might have an improved ability, relative to peers who are “light media multi-taskers,” to filter out distracting information. The researchers defined “media multi-tasking” or simultaneously engaging with different media—including print, television, computer-based video, music, text messaging, instant messaging, Web-surfing, email. Their findings were precisely the opposite of what they had expected to find: heavy media multi-tasking was related to a reduced ability to ignore distractions and focus on pertinent information—even after accounting for potential differences in academic aptitude, personality and performance on standard creativity and memory tasks.A study by Ophir, Nass, and Wagner (2009) suggests that students who frequently switch their attention back and forth—from get likes on instagram listening to a lecture or answering questions to activities such as texting or updating social networking sites, for example—may actually be less able to filter out irrelevant distractions from pertinent information—even when they are not texting or social networking.The study examined the relationship between undergraduates’ reported levels of “media multi-tasking”—or performing multiple, simultaneous activities in different media, including print, television, computer-based video, music, text messaging, instant messaging, Web-surfing, email—and their performance on cognitive tasks measuring attention.The researchers wondered if people who engage in high levels of media multi-tasking might actually perform better on some types of cognitive tasks, such as those requiring attention-switching or sensitivity to subtle shifts in a visual scene. It is how to get easy views on instagram possible, after all, that having more experience with shifting attention between competing streams of information might confer a cognitive advantage in tasks that tap these skills. What the researchers found was the opposite:

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Social media usage is leading to anxiety in college students.

Madison Holleran, a 19-year-old freshman how to increase your twitter followers at the University of Pennsylvania, by all accounts looked to be a happy twitter free followers instantly and healthy college student, ESPN wrote in May. A star athlete on the track team, she was talented and successful, but she began to experience anxiety and depression during her first semester away from home. And some of her anxiety and worry was compounded by social media usage. She and a close friend would scroll through Instagram, looking at the photos of other students and say, "This is what college is supposed to be like; this is what we want our life to be like," ESPN reported. Holleran killed herself in January 2014, and ESPN investigated the troubling contribution of social media consumption into her anxiety and depression, as well as the larger trends of compulsive social media use in people her age. Anxiety is now the No. 1 mental health diagnosis purchase automatic twitter retweets on college campuses, and as stories similar to Holleran's become more prevalent, therapists on college campuses are beginning to look towards leading contributors to student anxiety so they can help students cope. Compulsive consumption of social media is one factor experts are pointing to as factor in rising anxiety among students."Just clinically, and in interactions with students there definitely is a greater amount of worry about what's happening on social media," Rajita Sinha, PhD, director of the Yale Stress Center, told Business Insider. Sinha noted that student anxiety stemming from social media often was the result of inappropriate content - such as bullying or harassment - as well as the propensity for students to compare themselves to classmates.


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