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Hair Transplant Benefits

Apr 27, 2016

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The Benefits of Hair Transplant

The biggest benefit to having Hair Transplant is the aesthetic change. You get a good head of hair that you can style the way you want. Most men and women want to have a fuller, thicker head of hair.

But, the benefits of Hair Transplant do not stop there. Having a good head of hair can build self-esteem, ease insecurities, and increase a person’s willingness to participate in more social activities.

Many men and women who suffer hair loss become self-conscious and may feel they are less attractive. According to a recent consumer survey, more than 75% of those asked admitted that men sporting a full head of hair were sexier. Most people believe that hair loss would affect their social life or career. Two-thirds of people responding to a survey  said that they would be concerned if they were dating and were experiencing hair loss. Three-quarters said that they would be concerned if they were just starting their career and were experiencing hair loss.

Hair Transplant procedures have been performed for nearly half a century and have an excellent record of safety and success. Thanks to continually advancing technology and practices, Hair Transplant look extremely natural. Today, doctors use follicle grafts while Hair Transplant that contains only a few hairs. These smaller grafts are then strategically placed to recreate a natural head of hair during Hair Transplant. Since they are the recipient’s own hair, the transplanted follicles will continue to grow throughout the individual’s life.

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