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Apr 28, 2017

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Pigmentation, Skin PigmentationPigmentation is the colouring of your skin. Pigmentation is a skin condition where patches of the skin turn into a darker shade of colour due to the excessive presence of melanin, found on the skin surface. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production. Some pigmentation disorders just affect the patches on the skin. Other affects your entire body. Melanin is produced by melanocytes and functions as miniature umbrellas to skin cells to protect the skin from sun and UV damages.

Types of Skin Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation: Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which patches of skin become darker in colour than the normal healthy skin. This darkening occurs because of the excess of melanin, deposits in the skin. Melanin is the brown pigment that produces our normal skin colour.

Ephelides (Freckles): Freckles are more visible to people who have a light complexion. Having freckles is genetic, but sun damage can cause excessive and uneven it. Some people seek treatment to reduce their appearance.

Age Spots: Age spots occur due to the sun’s rays damage the skin and it appears on exposed areas of our body. Such as our face, back, neck, chest, shoulders, and hands. They are harmless. But many of us want to get rid of them because they give our skin an unattractive look.

Melasma / Chloasma: Melasma and Chloasma pigmentation caused by either sun damage or hormonal changes. These conditions recognized as large, brown patches, mostly on the cheeks, upper lip, the bridge of the nose and the forehead. The patches tend to darken over the summer months or during periods of high sun exposure.

Cost of Pigmentation

The cost of Pigmentation is dependent upon the type of treatment. In general, the cost of treatment varies from $150 to $2500 depending on other factors and one geographic area to another.

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