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Prayer: “Lord, please give me strength.”

Answer: Trouble to strengthen me!

Prayer: “Lord, please give me wisdom.”

Answer: Problems to solve!

Prayer: “Lord, please give me stability.”

Answer: Temptations to test me!

Prayer: “Lord, please give me love.”        

Answer: Distressed people to help!

Prayer” “Lord, please give me your approval.”

Answer: Favorable conditions with advantages!

In sum, The LORD is my shepherd; I have everything I need.” Psa. 23:1

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2 Keys escribió un comentario en la entrada de blog Biblical Breakthrough Or Fraud?

Biblical Breakthrough Or Fraud?

Some scholars and theologians are excited about a find that could be the biggest discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls. An ancient collection of 70 tiny books was found in a cave in a Jordan known to be a shelt…

Shifting attention from the Holy Bible to the discovery of new scrolls with the pretext of unlocking the secrets of the earliest days of Christianity is a big joke!

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