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Various Benefits OfTop Quality Braai Equipment

Sep 21, 2016

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Why are so many people still reluctant to use gas braais? These people always think that the best way to make meat worthy of Jan Braaiis to use wood or charcoal fires. I think we need to move past this perception as gas braaisoffer so manymore advantages. Being a lot cleaner and simpler because you don’t need to use charcoal or chop wood is just one of the many benefits of using a gas braai. Since you can find many online stores that offer gas braai spares in South Africa, availability is not a big problemat all.


Faster cooking

A gas braai is muchfaster compared to a wood or charcoal braai. You can start it in a quick manner and there is no need to wait for the dying down of the flames before you begin to braai meat.


Cost effective in the long run 

Charcoal in this day and age grows increasingly expensive and can make braaing a costly past time, with gas though you fill your gas bottle once and enjoy months of easy and cheap braaing. Another important aspect is that you must keep braai equipment like spatulas and braai tongs ready for easy access. This method eliminates the possibility of risks from a gas braai that is already lit up. Since it doesn’t create smoke like a wood or charcoal braai, a gas braai can certainly be described as a healthier choice and it facilitates a better cooking environment for the users. Reliable online stores offer the best braai equipment South Africa to serve the requirements of different customers in the best manner.


Direct and indirect cooking on gas braais

You must understand the difference between direct and indirect cooking while using a gas braai and being armed with this knowledgehelps you learn how to cook various foods on the braai. Direct cooking is the process of grilling food over an open gas flame and it is the fastest way of preparing food. You have to cook only high heat foods over an open gas flame. Indirect cooking is a method that allows you to cook on the part of the grill where direct heat is not available.Adding some oil or an Easy braai grill mat to the grill is a good option before lighting the gas braai. 


Use right spaces for right tasks

You can use a special grill brush to eliminate the residue before you start placing food on the grill. It is always advisable to place food that needs indirect heat on the burner that is not lit; the remaining space can be used to cook the meat directly.

The lid can be used to maintain an even temperature and in such a situation, the cooking process becomes faster and retainsa smoky flavor as well. If you want to treat your guests with succulent food and juicer steaks, it is the best option available. You should not try to turn the meat frequently because of the even temperature and to prevent your meat turning to rubber. 


You can buy fireplace accessories online from reliable shops and they have also come up with durable and visually appealing outdoor fire pits in South Africa to offer a different dimension to cooking.