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The best monocular night vision Night Owl

Nov 05, 2016

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The Monocular Night Owl 5X NOXM50 is the best brand and perhaps the best night vision goggles. Anyway, for the price, this is the top of the price / quality ratio.


What is the highlight of the Night Owl NOXM50?

Optical. As for comparing night vision devices, it is not enough to compare the zoom or the tube generation. The quality of the lens plays for much of the clarity of the image. And it is even more important on the generation monocular 1.

The tube of a generation night vision monocular 1 amplifies about 1000 times the ambient light, then it would be a shame to lose part because of bad optics.

The eyepiece is adjustable to fit your vision.

At the other end, the goal is a 50mm lens, a width greater than many of its competitors, that leaves suddenly get more light in the intensifier tube.

The goal is manually adjustable to focus.

Good optics, therefore, improve image brightness and reduces distortion and blurring.


Zooming capability

The Monocular Night Owl NOXM50 is able to magnify images 5 times. Again, this is the best zoom available in this price range.

Unlike optical zoom, the Night Owl NOXM50 is equipped with an optical zoom, which causes no loss of resolution at maximum zoom.

Speaking of resolution, the screen has a resolution of 36 line pairs / mm.


other features

The monocular night vision illuminator is equipped with an integrated infrared that allows to use the Night Owl NOXM50 in total darkness or improve image clarity in cases of very low light conditions.

Depending on the brand, it is the twin of the more rugged night vision range. Its molded case is covered with rubber, which gives it a good impact resistance.

Finally, ergonomic way to keep under control and use it with one hand.

But no night vision device is perfect

If we had to find a fault, I would say it lacks a cap on the eyepiece. Indeed, the quality of observation could be improved with a rubber cover on the eyepiece that would fit the contour of the arch and the cheekbone.

But hey, it's still a detail that does not alter the qualities of the best monocular night vision.

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