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mmocs fifa

mmocs|Korea; Republic of


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Other mobile MMOs debuted later this month when Loong Entertainment's World of Kings was released for iOS and Android devices. Players interested in Europe, NA, SA, and in the Middle East can pre-register for …

After collaborating a few months ago with one of the Inuyasha anime that was quite popular in the 2000s. The collaboration presents 2 main characters of the anime, Inuyasha and Sheshomaru. Both of these charac…

A number of iconic franchises have celebrated their 30th or even 35th anniversaries recently (Space Invaders manged its 40th last year) but it seems extraordinary that next year will be the 20th anniversary of…

Fate/Grand Order is likely the video game that receives the most figures among the whole production of the Japanese gaming industry. This time around it’s time for a new one portraying Elizabeth Bathory.…


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If you believe the internal tracking in the Dota 2 client, upwards of 70,000 concurrent players are engaging in a single custom map: Dota Auto Chess. It's definitely not chess, and although the characters shar…


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Ethanol is the most important resource you'll encounter in the game, as it's used to upgrade your homebase of Prosperity and give you access to better weapons, new weapons, and more. There are a few different …

Data miners pouring through the back end of Apex Legend's recent update have discovered what appears to be clues about yet-to-be-announced weapons, a night mode, and NPCs. Just like the Havoc energy rifle that…

Far Cry New Dawn is the direct sequel to Far Cry 5, and continues the story after the original's nuclear ending. If you choose to continue pursuing Joseph Seed — also known as The Prophet — the wor…

Path of Exile's latest expansion is out now, and completely changes the way that the ARPG's endgame works. It adds 32 new maps to battle through, each of which has a boss at the end, as well as four powerful E…

Toram Online is a free to play Japanese fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices with sandbox gameplay and a skill-based, classless character advancement system. Create a character and build them however you like; yo…

Fallout 76 continues to soldier on with new patches and changes. At this point, it has a core fanbase that has pushed past the negativity and Metacritic scores to just play the game, but even die-hard fans are…

EA Soccer had become a night-and-day fixation for McMillan. He had pushed his team to create an innovative new isometric look very different from the top-down visuals favoured by footie favourites of the era, …

Defending in FIFA has always been tricky. You can try to nick the ball from opposing attackers with standing tackles and sliding tackles, jockey strikers away from goal, or press with two players at once, but …

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World of Kings has a deep combat system

Other mobile MMOs debuted later this month when Loong Entertainment's World of Kings was released for iOS and Android devices. Players interested in Europe, NA, SA, and in the Middle East can pre-register for World of Kings to bring home | más

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