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How to Stay Motivated at Your Work Place

Apr 18, 2019

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The fact is that an individual would be better off with stress and nervousness when, after working hours, he returned home and the same minutes stopped thinking about the job. Business and private life would be clearly separated, but today this luxury is hard to achieve. Stress intertwines with different areas of life, at work, at home and in leisure, so it is difficult to find a motivation for advancement. Although there are numerous methods and techniques for motivation, some are related to managers and managers, some to the environment, and some to employees. We, at mental health speakers propose to employees a number of motivation methods that will help you get a better and more productive working day. 



At work it is important to know at any time what you need to do and what is expected of you. Just remember the days when you completed the project that you worked for months or when you signed a new contract. How much did you feel to be more useful and better than the days that you spent doing monotonous tasks? Try doing a list of solved tasks every day. Each time you tick the solved task, you will be satisfied. Likewise, it’s important to know that your work affects someone, improves and facilitates work or life. Depending on your target group and the subject of your work, try writing on paper how you can affect employees and organization.

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Great work requires a lot of tasks, time and stress. When you find yourself in front of such a job, do not despair, but immediately divide it into smaller tasks and less goals. By solving one by one, you will become happier and more relaxed by each marked check. Whatever assignment they find, try not to experience it with stressful, difficult, and full deadlines. With such thinking you will quickly find yourself in front of the wall, frustrated and unresolved. Try to imagine how happy and proud you are when the task is done! At work it often happens that the tasks are repeated and that the working days are the same. It can be frustrating, and in order to motivate, try to structure your own work day yourself. For example, if Monday is scheduled for writing documents, and a breakdown for developing a marketing plan, try to run a three-hour document and three hours of marketing to break the routine. With different tasks you will get a new dose of necessary motivation for further work.

Free time is important for an individual. Although the working hours are mostly from 7 to 15, 8 to 16, or from 9 to 17 o'clock, many work overtime or are available from home by email or official phone. You need to know when your free time is, and whether you will have a free weekend or do not answer calls after 19 hours, it is your choice. Whatever you decide, stick to it, it’s important for you. Take free weekends (or at least Sunday) so that you can be motivated for a new week in the morning on Monday morning. In these free days you should be doing what is relaxing and calming for you. To develop motivation, try to read at least twenty minutes every day. Books, magazines and articles develop the brain and create new ideas.

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