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Apr 26, 2019

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Do you think that the media cannot influence your decision to buy a product and that, when you decide to buy something, one of your advertisements states that you change your mind? Also, advertising cannot tell you to buy something? You are wrong and canada trademark agent will tell you why.


Canadian patent agency

We often do things unconsciously and we will reach for something, even though we swore that we do not need it. It is the power of commercials, that is, the media we consume daily, most often through social networks. All this can result in the purchase of products that we do not actually need or impulsive purchase. Coming up with an idea is great, coming up with an idea that will make people purchase an item impulsively is even greater. So once you do come up with an idea, do not let it escape, but make sure to patent it before you lose it or someone else comes up with it.

It is true that most people say that they do not need a list and go shopping without it, because "I always buy the same things anyway," and in the basket they will put a few things that they have in more copies. Or just do not need it. The same goes for online shopping. You do not need to have a physical listing on paper, although it would be good to do that too. It's enough in the head to have you do not need the 16th white short sleeve shirt.

Once we sail to the streets of online stores, it's hard to resist, especially to women. Buying from the comfort of the armchair is a fertile ground for impulsive shopping. Another trap of online stores are suggestions that are below or next to the item we are currently viewing. If you really do not need a new belt with jeans you are just buying, skip it harder. Ultimately, if you need it in the future, you know where to find it.

You saw that chair at a discount, and you're not sure if you need it and will it fit in? If you do not stop thinking about it for days and even weeks after you've seen it, and you have the money you have for it, it means you need to buy it. It is a sign that you will enjoy it and be satisfied with the money invested.

Another worn tip that you might need to listen to. It binds to the previous tip, about feeling that it's rare for you to cheat. Sleep over and over again if you're not sure about your decision, if you're still following the feeling of patenting a certain product or idea or ordering a certain service during the morning.

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