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What is the Best Place to Build a Septic Tank

Apr 26, 2019

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Septic tanks by weberseptic must be built in areas where there is no city sewerage or a single sewage system for sewage. Septic tanks are made for hygienic reasons, preventing the spread of infection on the ground and the spread of odors. The most commonly built or built-in septic tanks.

A septic tank offers you an ideal and fast solution for solving all the problems with wastewater from your household, cottage, school, kindergarten, business or residential area. The plastic septic tanks have many advantages in terms of classical masonry or concrete septic tanks.



Characteristics of which the septic tank is the number one on the market:

Septic tanks do not pollute the environment.

Absolutely waterproof and non-porous.

They are resistant to the influence of groundwater.

They are resistant to the impact of chemicals used in households.

They do not require special maintenance.

Quick and easy installation.

They are adapted to fast and efficient transportation to inaccessible terrain.

They are resistant to corrosion in all conditions of use.

They are resistant to high and extremely low temperatures from -30 ° C to + 80 ° C.


They are usually made as horizontal plastic tanks or wastewater tanks and are placed in the ground by burial. The advantage of these pits is that they do not leak water at all. The septum layer of the septic tank is quickly placed and in function for one day. All standard and any other connectors can be placed on them.

The biggest advantage is that they are completely resistant to wear, the material from which the septic tanks are produced is high density polyethylene (HDPE), which has high tensile strength and pressure. The septum layer of septic tanks is resistant to high and extremely low temperatures from -30 ° C to + 80 ° C.


The layer of septic tanks is also resistant to the effects of underground waters.

Septic tanks are constructed as two-chamber and three-chamber septic tanks. These are flowing septic tanks. Their capacity for a family of four to five members is about 6,000 liters.

Non-septic septic tanks, which can be both horizontal and vertical. Non-septic septic tanks are overflowing and from them partially purified wastewater goes to places where their presence will not jeopardize the sources of drinking water. It drains through drains to drainage channels and the so on.



If you are in the dilemma choosing the size of the septic tank, consider counting one household member daily about 1 50 liters of water. What is on the monthly level is about 4, 5 cubic meters per household member. According to some standards, the minimum volume of the septic tank is 4 meters cubic, but if you take a bigger one, you will not repent, only that in some countries the minimum volume of septic tanks is over 10 meters cubic meters.

If you make a septic tank or you are old enough, consider a high-quality cavernous septic tank, because you save time and money and think about future generations.


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