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What is Domestic Violence and How to Report it

Dec 25, 2019

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Domestic violence is a sensitive subject for which for a long period of time legislation has not been legally binding. Often, it is defined as the sum of the retreats in order to gain control over others, defined by a defence law firm toronto




It is indisputable that domestic violence is a problem of epidemic proportions with far-reaching consequences for individuals, according to criminal law firm toronto such as 

  • victims, 
  • children and 
  • community. 

History, often resulting in death or serious chronic and mental problems for the victims, the children and others. Feelings of insecurity, threat, or anguish against spouse, parents or children, or any other living or marital household, as well as spousal injury to a friend or persons who are in close personal relationships. 

The individual may also be exposed to domestic violence throughout his or her entire life, starting from childhood, or at a very old age. The most frequent victims of domestic violence are children and the elderly. If that is the case, do not hesitate to contact criminal lawyers in toronto.

Domestic violence involves a wide range of threats against which one family member uses them to regain control of another family member, or to satisfy some of their needs at the expense of others. In some cases, however, violence is breaking of fundamental human rights. Often, the consequences of being victimized by domestic violence include 

  • instability, 
  • depression, 
  • aggression, 
  • addiction, 
  • reduced workload, and more.

Definition of family violence

Domestic violence often involves coercive control of someone’s life, regardless of gender, age, sexual preference, race, ethnicity or social status. In the first place, it is often manifested by the control of one person by another, who is in a close unity or family relationship.

Legislative law and criminal law firm toronto prohibits any form of violence, so according to the Family Law, any kind of violence is prohibited among family members, regardless of race, gender or age. It is indisputable that today, domestic violence is properly defined in the legislation and is regulated in detail by the Family Law, the Law on Prevention, Prevention and Protection of Domestic Violence, the Law on Social Protection and the Criminal Law related to toronto defence lawyer

What does domestic violence mean?

Domestic violence means 

  • abuse, 
  • harm, 
  • security threat, 
  • personal injury, 
  • sexual or other psychological or physical abuse. 

Domestic violence is often the case in the family union, whether it be a marriage or marital union gathering in which the partners have children, cohabiting children, spouses and elderly persons in the family, or relatives derive from family relations and norms.

For a long time, there were relatively criminal law firms toronto rules governing the details of domestic violence under the law, nor did domestic violence count as a separate criminal case, on the contrary, it was sanctioned by directly criminalizing its individual offenses.

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