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Can you Move Abroad Immediately Once you Get a Visa

Dec 25, 2019

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The news that the governments across USA and EU have adopted a law on the employment of workers, which are not citizens according to immigration attorney canadaQueb ec investment program might be the right thing for you.
Maybe too much, so recruitment agencies were overwhelmed by those interested in going abroad quickly with the help of immigration lawyer in canada.
investment immigration canada
In a sea of ​​fake and unverified news, the Embassies also had to intervene. There are websites that posted information with three major facts - that the law has not come into force since the beginning of 2019, that citizens from non – EU and non – USA countries are not able to find employment in those countries under the same conditions, and that they still need a work visa, according to immigration law firm canada.
Perhaps, following the advice of experts interviewed by the BBC, it will be clearer to you - what you need to know about the new labor law in those countries.
  • When you leave - you can't just find a job right away
You can't.
The government has not yet passed the law, it is only a draft law of the governing coalition that has to go through all the institutions of the Government in order to be approved, and only after a certain period it comes into force.
Although everything is expected to be ready by January 1, 2020 - it doesn't have to happen.
The news about the new law is not sufficiently clear to the citizens.
Even if the law goes into effect from next year - that doesn't mean you can fill your suitcase on January 1, 2020 and head to those countries on new terms.
Even when you find an employer, it can take months to get the paperwork. It all goes through the Embassy or Consulate.
Unless the waiting time in consular departments of embassies is reduced, the process of leaving workers to those countries will not be much easier.
  • How long will it take to find a job
It could take months sometimes to find a job and be ready to work. Note that you just cannot go abroad just like that. It takes time for some things to be handled and in order to be able to function properly like you did in your native country, it needs time. It also takes time for you to get a working investor visa canada and be able to move and start looking for a job.
Anyway, if you are interested in moving abroad, you should definitely apply for a working visa and try your chances somewhere in the countries in the USA, Canada or in Europe.
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