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Everything You Need to Know About Child Support

Feb 25, 2021

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Child support is the amount of money that the maintenance debtor pays in favor of the maintenance creditor in order to satisfy his basic existential needs. The family lawyer markham will provide you with more information about it. The purpose of alimony is to provide material support to a person who does not have sufficient means of subsistence, in the form of covering the costs of food, clothing, footwear, hygiene, education and social life.
In domestic law, under certain conditions prescribed by law, the following have the right to alimony: spouses and extramarital partners, mother of a child, minor and adult children, parents, adoptive relatives (adoptive and adopted), brother and sister, stepfather, stepmother and stepfather.



Spouses (married persons) and extramarital partners are obliged to support each other both during the marriage or extramarital union and after their termination. However, in order for there to be an obligation to support the spouse or extramarital partner, it is necessary that the following conditions are met:
1) the spouse or extramarital partner does not have sufficient finances
2) the spouse or extramarital partner is incapable of work or unemployed
One should be especially careful and keep this in mind. If the spouse plans to claim support from the person since the divorce, he or she may file a request for alimony no later than the end of the main hearing in the divorce proceedings. If he is late, he will be precluded (he will lose the right), except in the situation when he proves that he did not file a lawsuit for alimony for justified reasons, so he files it within a year from the termination of the marriage. This will be the case, for example, when the spouse is intimidated and exposed to threats if he files a lawsuit for alimony, and after a certain time, and within the legal deadline of one year, he gathers the courage to file a lawsuit.



In addition to spouses and extramarital partners, the legislator has recognized another category of persons who have the right to support, while at the same time drawing that right from some kind of emotional (love) relationship. It is the mother of the child. Therefore, in order to acquire the right to support, the mother of the child does not have to be, nor has she been married or out of wedlock with the father of the child. The only condition that the child's mother must fulfill is that she does not have enough means to support herself. An important note should be made here - this right of the mother does not affect the right of the newborn child to support from his father. The duration of the right to support the mother of the child is limited in time to three months before the birth and one year after the birth.
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