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What is the Reason for Sore Muscles and How to Solve the Problem

Jan 08, 2021

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Running is a physical activity that has multiple positive effects on a person. You are familiar with the impact of running on health. As for the difficulties that can be caused by running, the most common are injuries that mainly occur as a result of a large number of recurrences of stress suffered by joints, muscles and tendons. Get the best physiotherapy treatment in brampton today.

The fact is that it is best to see a doctor when you have an injury, but you can also learn some basic things from the experiences of other runners. 


Muscle aches

Muscle pain is best treated at rest. It is generally not necessary to use preparations, but there are also those that can be helpful. Why do we have muscle pain? The most common causes of muscle pain are: Accumulation of lactic acid, which is difficult for the muscles to excrete. Lactic acid is a byproduct of metabolism. 

Microfracture of individual muscle fibers that represent physical muscle damage. How do I get rid of muscle pain? 

Both symptoms are resolved at rest, with the difference that in the case of accumulation of lactic acid, it is good to do a massage, while in the case of microfiber fibers, it should be skipped. Ice, cooling creams or gels help in both of these cases. Ice is used to speed up blood circulation in the muscles, which removes all the by-products of metabolism that have no place in the muscles. 

You should reduce the intensity of training during and after recovery at the beginning, and then gradually increase it again. If the muscle inflammation is mild, you don't even have to pause, you can continue training without changing your routine. Intense muscle inflammation occurs when you overdo it with training and feel pain even at rest. Microfractures occur after more intense or long workouts. 

What are tendons? 

Tendons are the ends by which a muscle binds to bones, and ligaments are the connecting elements between bones. Since the tendons are not as circulating as the muscle itself, the mechanism of removal of harmful products is somewhat slower than in the muscles, which makes the tendons more difficult to heal. Recovery is slower and tendon injury can recur more easily. 

Better blood supply to the damaged tissue contributes to recovery. The body recovers best by bringing oxygen and blood full of nutrients to the part you are healing. In addition, the blood removes various by-products, so the body regenerates faster. Some tissues do not have blood vessels, such as cartilage, so these injuries cannot be healed in this way. The best combination is ice on ​​a sore muscle, and after a few minutes, apply one of the creams that have a warming effect. Experience with creams of this type is that their effect is minimal or non-existent if it is not combined with ice. 

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