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Different types of lawyers

Feb 07, 2018

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Law has many categories and the lawyer is free to choose his specialization. The Mitch Engel Barrister & Solicitor firm has various lawyers to take care of your needs.  The following are the different types of lawyers:


The Criminal lawyer Brampton is especially specialized in handling critical criminal cases and has the top most priority.


Employment Lawyer:

These are the kind of lawyers that takes care of all the disputes that occurs between the employer and employee. They protect the rights of the employees. Issues related to wages, bonus, and job security can be dealt by employment lawyer.


Family lawyer:

A family lawyer takes care of matters related to will and other property issues. If you have any issue related to divorce or child custody, a family lawyer can be appointed. A family lawyer must be highly trustworthy.


Corporate Lawyer:

A corporate lawyer takes care of all the transactions of the firm. There are private firms that hire corporate lawyers to deal with the legal issues of the firm.


Criminal Lawyer:

If you are involved in a criminal case, you need the help of a criminal lawyer to put across the case.  He needs to prove that his client is innocent. It is the duty of a criminal lawyer to get to the details of the case, collect the evidences and present the case in the court. A criminal lawyer has to be smart enough to tackle the situations. He must be equally prepared to face the defense. The criminal lawyer is equally smart to handle such cases.


Deportation Lawyer:

If you are caught in a country for illegally staying in a foreign country, you might require a deportation lawyer. He can file a case to fight for his rights to stay in the country.


Bankruptcy lawyer:

The firm might take loans for various purposes. If the company is unable to pay the loan, a bankruptcy case must be filed. The bankruptcy lawyer is hired to file the case on behalf of the client. The bank is usually the lender. The lawyer will claim that his client is incapable of paying the debt due to insufficient of the funds. The defense will argue that the claim is untrue and it is just a way to fool the bank. Thus, a bankruptcy lawyer must fight the case and prove his point. The firm is solely dependent on the lawyer for the justice.


Accident Lawyer:

Accident can happen any time. If you have a medical insurance, you have to claim it from the insurance company. Likewise there are accident lawyers who help to settle disputes between two parties. It could be legal responsibilities or settlement of financial claims between the two parties.


Thus, there are many types of lawyers who are specialized in various fields. The client can hire the lawyers as per their requirement. There are criminal lawyer brampton that offers the services of the lawyers. They connect the client as well as the lawyer and help them to fight the case.


Let us know your experience on hiring a lawyer and what were the services that you have opted for.

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