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7 Warning Signs of Troubled Marriage and How Toronto Marriage Counselling C

Feb 10, 2018

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Every marriage is different and every marital relationship is unique. However, when it comes to warning signs or red flags, there are some common ones on the basis of which one can see serious problems in the marriage. If you find one or more of the warning signs mentioned here, you should not ignore them. Go for the best fitting Toronto marriage counselling so that you get out of the problem effectively and lead a happy, healthy life.

Burying your heads in sand is not going to help problems go away. You should also talk to your spouse regarding the problems. Although hard, but these are necessary conversations. Everyone wishes to be in happy marriage, but there is no perfect marriage in this world. You have to be smart and work effectively to keep your marriage alive and exciting where couples counselling in Toronto will be of great help. 

Common warning signs of troubled marriage

  • Both of you bicker a lot
  • Both of you are withdrawing from each other
  • No one thinks of Toronto marriage counselling option
  • Your fights are not fair
  • Your fights get out of control or result in screaming
  • It seems both of you are leading separate lives
  • One or both of you feel emotionally detached
  • Both of you no longer enjoy time together
  • You have nothing nice to say to each other
  • You don’t talk your feelings or problems
  • You don’t find having common goals and views
  • Both of you don’t trust each other and often feel suspicious
  • The level of sexual intimacy seems low
  • Your partner keeps secrets
  • Your partner lies about money and spends, hides money or controls you with money
  • One or both of you have cheated on each other

Since marital problems are frequently encountered and disturbing ones. However, Toronto marriage counselling can help and work together with you to save your marriage as well as make your relationship better.

Get help before it is too late

The main intention of sharing the warning signs of troubled marriage is that if you find one or more of these signs persisting in your marriage, you should take action as soon as possible. this should work as lighting a fire in your awareness before it is too late. If you read this and find that majority of the signs are there in your marriage, do not panic. With the help of right therapist and along with courage and commitment you can create or recreate your relationship. This is going to make you feel liked, loved and respected. So, the best thing is that you should look for the right Toronto marriage counselling when you need one.

The right therapist can tell a lot about your relationship by just observing you arguing for few minutes. Most people wait too long before they reach out for help which is not good for your relationship. Sometimes only few sessions help resolve problems and people take it to become crisis that breaks up almost perfectly good relationships. So, learn new skills to weather the ups and downs in marriage.

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