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How to Pick the Best E Juice Online

Jan 31, 2020

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Let us say that you have already chosen the perfect electronic cigarette Canada but you are not quite sure yet what juice you would use with it. A lot of people feel that finding the right juice is a very exciting opportunity until they see the number of selections available. One thing that you should remember is this: there is no point in using your e cigarette if you do not have the right vape juice. Can you imagine smoking your e cigarette when you do not even enjoy the juice that you are using? There are some details that are available when you check Yelp.


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Consider the Flavor First

The first thing that you have to think about is the flavor of the e juice that you would get. Remember that no matter what other factors you will consider, this will always be one of the first things that you will notice when you start using your e cigarette. It is recommended that you choose a flavor that is very similar to your favorite cigarette brand first. Once you become accustomed to it, that is the time when you can start using other flavors. You are bound to find some mixed blends that are truly exotic. Who knows, you might end up liking these exotic flavors a lot. There are more details that are available when you check the Yellow Pages.

Choosing the Right Nicotine Level

Now that you already know the flavors that you want, you now have to choose how strong you would like the nicotine of the vape juice to be. There are different strengths that are available:

  • Low- This contains about 6mg of nicotine and below. This will be perfect for people who are light smokers. These are people who live on less than half a pack of cigarettes every day.

  • Medium - This contains 9 mg to 16 mg of nicotine. This will be perfect for average smokers who usually consume more than half a pack or a whole pack of cigarettes every day.

  • High - This contains 18 mg to 35 mg of nicotine. That may sound like a lot but that is the amount of nicotine that is normally taken in by heavy smokers. If you are a heavy smoker, you may need to try hicg nicotine first.

You need to find the right nicotine strength because this is the only way that you would be able to use your e cigarette without wanting to go back to smoke your usual cigarette.

Will the Main Base of the Juice Matter?

There are two possible main bases that are available. The first one if Propylene Glycol or PG and the second one is Vegetable Glycerol also known as VG. PG is the choice of people who would like to taste more flavor whenever they smoke their e cigarette. VG is the choice of people who want juices that are more viscous. This may have a distinct taste. There are starter kits Canada that will provide you with all the other details you may need.

Testing Will Help

Let us say that you are still feeling very overwhelmed with all of your choices. There are some actual stores that will allow you to test the various vape juices. Finding the right e vaping liquid can be complicated in the beginning but it does not mean that it will e impossible.

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