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marriage counselling | need of counselling

Jul 05, 2018

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soul counselling



Gold Coast Counselling.Life is a strange mix of good and bad.While we are all able to enjoy the good moments of our life some bad incidents leave us totally shattered.Soul counselling Gold Coast specialises in depression, anxiety, relationship, marriage, family,




About Soul Counselling

Christine Feyes is a qualified Counsellor and Psychologist helping those in need to overcome their fears and challenges .

When your are looking for help in dealing with your current life issues one of the most important tasks is to choose a good counsellor.

“Evidence suggests that the quality of the relationship between the counsellor and client, is the single greatest predictor of therapy success. Though the skill of the counsellor is an important factor for predicting change, research indicates that the relationship between client and counsellor is even more important than the treatment style and techniques used.”







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