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Mark Roemer Looks at The Type of Music That Will Increase Your Productivity

Jan 16, 2020

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Research and plenty of anecdotal evidence from Quora’s answers show that music usually has a positive effect on your productivity. However, heavy metal and a few other genres can have adverse effects. Mark Roemer believes that you should avoid music with lyrics, complex sounds, and similar types of music in the office or during work. It shifts your focus from the work to the music instead of acting as a catalyst for increasing productivity. Here are the types of music that work well for your productivity:


The Music


1. Rich Classical Music - Classical music usually pops the names of Beethoven, Bach, Handel, and other such geniuses in your mind. In one particular study, all except one radiologist discovered that classical music could increase our concentration and positively affects our mood during work. So, the next time you are under pressure, just keep calm, put on your headphones, and play Four Seasons by Vivaldi or Brandenburg Concertos by Bach to get the job done. 


2. Upbeat Music - Upbeat music has a language of its own that cannot be explained by expert sound engineers and sound directors but is clearly understood by everyone. For instance, think about the trailers or big-budget movies from the adventure or action genre. This type of music has immense influence over your mood and can make you think that you are doing something grand. 


There are numerous playlists on different music streaming platforms for these types of music and you can start with the music of Hans Zimmer. Think about the music in the Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, Man of Steel, and more. Sometimes, the music goes into an aggressive drive from a two-note blast or goes into an atmospheric feel with the unexpected notes. 


3. Nature Music - Nature music creates an ethereal illusion that makes you feel like you are working in a calm relaxed environment at the top of the mountains, by the sea, or near a waterfall in a forest. Sounds like rainfall, rustling leaves blowing due to the wind, or flowing of the river soothes your mind. If it is accompanied by instruments like a violin or a piano, it makes a brilliant and potent combination. However, try to avoid music with bird calls or animal sounds. They may be effective during yoga, but not during work.  


4. Ambient Music - Ambient music hits the golden spot where it is interesting and equally ignorable. Your brain doesn’t have to do any significant mental gymnastics since there isn’t any note or sound that can overwhelm the other. When push comes to shove, this is the music you need since it lets you maintain your sanity while handling the intense workload.



According to Mark Roemer, apart from these types of music, there are a few others that deserve honorable mentions. They include blues, jazz, and even meditation music. Listening to some mellow music can also boost your productivity aside from keeping you calm and focused.