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Best methods for teeth whitening

Oct 26, 2020

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Nowadays teeth whitening is a very common process. Almost all the corporate officers, public figures, political, superstars, and other media persons like models are conscious about the whiteness of their teeth. So for the increasing demand, there are several effective methods have been developed for this purpose. Some of them are stronger in chemical reactions, some of them are faster, some of them are safer and some of them are cheaper.

Giving up a bad habit

Some people have a bad habit of smoking and drinking alcohol. These bad habits are also bad for teeth health. Because long time chain-smoking makes teeth color blackish. On the other hand, drinking alcohol makes teeth yellowish. To keep teeth white bright and strong one has to give up smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol with other bad habits like chewing betel leaves.

Avoiding harmful food

Junk foods like fast foods, pizza, burgers, etc are harmful to teeth because it deposits stain on teeth and makes it yellowish gradually. Avoiding harmful foods helps to teeth keep white. Almost everybody regularly takes tea and coffee. It also makes teeth yellowish. Soft drinks are also responsible for the gradual deposition of stain on enamel. So avoiding harmful foods is a must to make teeth whiter again.

Eating fruits and vegetable

Fruits and vegetables have plenty of vitamins and minerals. For the whitening of teeth, vitamins and minerals are a must. It also makes teeth stronger from the inner. Regular eating of different fruits and vegetables makes teeth whiter and brighter gradually day by day.

Regular brushing

This is a must for whitening teeth. Two times brushing in a single day is enough for keeping teeth white and bright. But for the stain which permanent on teeth needs regular brushing with baking soda. The powder of activated carbon is a good ingredient for brushing teeth for cleaning the stain from the teeth surface and make teeth whiter again.

Whitening kits

Crest devices with or without LED lights, Whitening strips, Whitening gel pen, Whitening carbon activated powder are the most commonly used whitening kits and products for bad colored teeth. The prices of the kits range from a hundred dollars to thousand dollars. Different kinds of teeth whitening kits and products can be found in litexoteeth of different prices. Devices with LED lights give an express service in whitening teeth. Activated LED light to fasten reactions and give an effective removal of the stain from the teeth. 


Flossing and gargling help to resist the deposition of small food particles and the process of making a stain on teeth. Regular flossing, gargling with regular brushing of teeth is enough for keeping teeth stain-free and making it whiter again. Gargling with warm water after each time of eating food can give a better result naturally. 


Always a natural method is the best way for solving any kind of problem. But sometimes people need to use an artificial method because of an emergency. So without any special case, natural methods for whitening teeth are the best methods for this purpose.