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Web.com Reviews Discusses Reasons to Start Eating Vegetarian

Jan 24, 2020

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There are many reasons due to which people choose to eat a vegetarian diet. Apart from health issues, people become vegetarian due to religious convictions, concerns for animal welfare, or to avoid excessive use of environmental resources, antibiotics, and hormones in livestock. According to Web.com Reviews, nearly six to eight million people in the United States are on a vegetarian diet for health factors.


The Reasons

Here are some reasons why it is necessary to start eating vegetarian diet:

1. Reduces the risk of heart disease - Vegetarian diet naturally has low saturated fat and cholesterol. So, people who are on a vegetarian diet have a 24% lower risk of dying from heart disease compared to people who are on a non-vegetarian diet. Thus, you must choose high fiber whole grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables and fruits if you want to enjoy the heart-protective benefits of a vegetarian diet.

2. Reduces the risk of cancer - If you regularly consume a diet that contains fruits and vegetables then it can reduce the risk of having cancer. A vegetarian diet provides more protection against female-specific cancers. Apart from that, being on a vegetarian diet also reduces the risk of colorectal cancer and it also provides protection from the cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Prevents type 2 diabetes - Being on a vegetarian diet can also help you to prevent and reduce the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. According to researchers, people who only consume vegetables have half the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes compared to non-vegetarians. So, instead of eating meat, fish and eggs, it is always better to consume vegetarian foods such as grains, legumes, and nuts.

4. Lowers the blood pressure - Various studies show that people who do not eat meat generally have low blood pressure. Plant foods are likely to have low fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Thus, it can have a huge positive impact on blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables have a good concentration of potassium and people who eat fruits and vegetables regularly usually have stable blood pressure.

5. Decreases the symptoms of asthma - Vegetarian diet can also decrease the symptoms of asthma. In a research study, it was found that 22 out of 24 asthma patients who accepted to be on a vegetarian diet noticed much improvement and became less dependent on medication. Also, it has been found that many animal foods cause allergies or inflammation that may increase the symptoms of asthma.

6. Promotes bone health - People who follow a vegetarian diet have a lower risk of suffering from any kind of bone disease. When you consume an animal diet, it can force the calcium out of your body due to which it can create bone loss and osteoporosis. In a research study, it was found that if people follow a vegetarian diet for more than 20 years, they would have only 18 percent fewer bone minerals by the time they reach the age 80, whereas meat-eaters would have 35 percent fewer bone minerals at the same age.



According to Web.com Reviews, consuming more vegetables and fruits instead of meat can change the way your body functions and allow you to be happier in the long run. Start slowly if you don’t like to eat many vegetables or like to consume meat items. The key to success in this regard is to maintain a balance.