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How to Properly Wash or Clean Your Carpets

Oct 25, 2018

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How to wash your carpets fast and effective? That is a question that many home owners want to know the answer to. But http://www.drcarpet.ca/will tell you exactly what to do to achieve that effect.

Prophylactic tips

To wash the carpet at home, to save it from stains and dust is a difficult task that takes a lot of time and energy. To keep the coating in perfect purity and make the cleaning process more enjoyable and easier, follow the nine main recommendations of the hosts.

Regularly clean. The vacuum carpet should be at least once a week. If you have paths in the kitchen and in the corridor, they should be cleaned every day.

Use state-of-the-art technology. If you want to keep your carpets clean and save time, you cannot do without cleaning vacuum cleaners or detergents. It will not only get dust out of it but will also help to get rid of stains.

Act fast. If you place stains on the carpet, cancel all the duties and immediately start rubbing it. The longer you pull with cleaning, the greater the risk that the carpet will remain unattractive dots.

Ventilate. The room in which the carpet is placed should be ventilated at any time of the year. At least several times a year should be removed from the floor and put on the street. The hot sun will dry the carpet well, and the snow will give freshness.

Do not keep wet. After wet cleaning, the coating should dry completely. If you start walking on a wet pile, it will not be fluffy and can be covered with new stains. It will be particularly noticeable on the white surface.

Look under the carpet. Start cleaning to wipe the floor under the carpet and then vacuum it on the other side. Only then go to the front.

Protect the floor. If you are planning to make a work with children or have a family dinner in the living room, make sure you cover the carpet with cloth or cloth. Such a protection is particularly necessary carpet, because it cannot be removed and cleaned.

Try to dry the carpet quickly. If you spilled liquid, immediately open the windows or remove the carpet on the street. If you do not dry the coating, it can hit the fungi.

Be careful. Before applying this or that carpet protection tool, make sure that it does not spoil the carpet. Treat the joint with a small unobtrusive area to check the material's reaction.

The average lifetime of the carpet guaranteed by the manufacturer is 15 years. But that applies only to force. But the brightness, freshness and purity of the coating are entirely up to the hostess's conscience. Quickly and efficiently clean the carpet with household chemicals as well as modern technology. Supporters of the ecological approach offer a wide range of folk remedies against dust and stains.

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