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An Informative Guide to Know the Working of Bitcoin

Jan 21, 2020

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If you have no prior experience in investing in Bitcoins then it is important to understand the technical details of Bitcoin. After you install a Bitcoin wallet, you will get a Bitcoin address. You can share this address among your friends so that you can pay them or vice versa. This article gives you in-depth information about the working of Bitcoins.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a popular type of cryptocurrency that is executed on a public ledger called Blockchain. It is transferred digitally over the internet. In other words, it exists only over the web. It has monetary value. It is decentralized and not managed by any single entity. It is managed by a set of people or miners, who process transactions.  

It implies, that Bitcoin isn’t subjected to government regulation at the time of getting traded or spent. You do not need a bank for using your Bitcoin currency.  Miners ensure that the transactions made by Bitcoin users are legit, and well recorded.  

What is blockchain?

The blockchain is viewed as a shared public ledger. The entire Bitcoin network is dependent on it for its operation. Blockchain enables Bitcoin wallets for the computation of their spendable balance. This lets new transaction to get verified. The chronological order and integrity of the blockchain are obligatory with cryptography.

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What are the Transactions?

A Bitcoin transaction is viewed as the transfer of Bitcoin value between Bitcoin wallets. The bitcoin wallet is a secret data or a private key to sign transactions and provide mathematical evidence that comes from the wallet’s owner.

The signature prevents the transaction from getting modified by anybody once it gets issued. All transactions transmit to the network and get confirmed in 10 to 20 minutes via the mining process.

What is processing?

Mining is basically a distributed consensus system. They validate pending transactions by adding them to the blockchain and maintain their chronological order. Storing transactions in the form of blocks in the blockchain that adheres to the stringent cryptographic rules verifies the network and safeguards the network’s neutrality.

The block form of storage makes it impossible to modify previous blocks because this action will invalidate all the following blocks. Mining creates a comparable form of a competitive lottery. It prevents individuals to add new blocks successively to the blockchain.  Thus, no individuals or groups can alter, or replace any parts of the blockchain.

Is Bitcoin infinite?

No. The maximum limit of this system is designed to be 21 million bitcoins. After reaching this limit, Bitcoin will stop getting released. People speculate it to happen around 2140.


This is a small summary of the working of Bitcoin. By being properly informed, and forming the right strategies will help you make profit out of your investment.