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Experience The Best With Dental Implants For Your Missing Tooth

Mar 16, 2020

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Do you have missing tooth or teeth and wondering how to resolve it?  Afraid of the process you need to go through? Though there are so many ways that can solve your issue, dental implant is one that is gaining popularity.

This article will give an idea about what is den tal implant and whether will it be intimidating, is it safe and long lasting and much more.

Why You Need an Implant?

After the tooth is lost, there occurs a continuous bone loss and it may result in change of your facial contour. Since implants get fused with the jaw bone, your jaw line is protected. Unlike dental dentures, with implant you can chew the food you love without any discomfort.

In tooth-supported bridging method, the neighboring teeth are grained too making them prone to tooth decay whereas, dental implant does not affect the nearby teeth.

You can easily floss your implant as you do your natural teeth, but you cannot floss your bridge since it involves more than one tooth.

Implants will never decay, so this is the best investment to replace your missing tooth.

Some tips on preparing yourself for implant

Take a day or two off for work. Though you may not feel the pain, you may feel uneasiness because of the sedation used.

Before the scheduled appointment time, you can have a good meal since, you may be asked not to eat for several hours after the surgery. 

Your dentist may ask you to rinse your mouth with anti-bacterial mouthwash and have antibiotics.

Arrange your friend or family members to help you in getting back home.

The process of Implant

Dental Implant is usually done in stages. As a first step your decayed/damaged tooth is extracted. An incision is made in the gum and with the help of a specialized drill a hole is drilled in your jaw bone to screw-in the implant.

An implant is a screw-like part usually made of titanium. This piece is placed there for osseointegration and the gums are closed with few stitches to secure the implant. It takes weeks to months for your jaw to get cured.

Once it gets cured then, one more incision is made to attach the second component, abutment, on the implant.

Then impressions are taken to make your precise customized crown.  Once the dentist ensures that the fabricated crown will form proper alignment, then the crown is fixed to your implant, as the final step.

During this process you will be given local anesthesia or IV to eliminate the pain and you will be given medications.

After the surgery, you will be advised by your dentist on your diet and, medications to reduce the pain that may arise after the surgery. Follow them strictly to avoid any unnecessary complications. Jaw bone takes six weeks to nine months to get cured and adjust to the implant.

Frequent visit to your dentist is needed to check, any bone loss, health of your gum etc.,

If you have a missing tooth, have a dental implant with Pasadena Texas Dentist, with their highly professional team, they provide you extreme care and excellent service.