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What Can Parents Do For Making Their Teen A Responsible Safe Driver?

Mar 11, 2020

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Driver license achievement is a milestone for every teen. License means becoming independent from guardians or parents and entering a new lifestyle. However, the dream of driving a shiny convertible on an open road is impossible in today’s driving conditions. It includes high cost towards fuel, insurance, and not to forget the challenging traffic jam. These make alternative transportation options more appealing for everyone young and old.

As the year passes, there is decrease in successfully passing a driving theory and practical tests. Some teens find it challenging to get a license because they are not prepared to drive safely. Teen drivers between 16 to 19 years are 3X likely to involve in a crash than youngsters for more than 20 years. The main reason for poor safety is -

  • Hardly any experience in controlling a car
  • Inappropriate sizing and reacting to hazardous situations like driving in bad weather or merging on a highway
  • Underdeveloped coordination between judgment and reflexes necessary for physical maneuver
  • Miscalculate traffic situation and get easily distracted
  • Make errors in important decisions resulting in an accident
  • More likely to text, speed, tailgate, and avoid seat belt use
  • Surrender to peer pressure and overestimate their abilities leading to a collision

What can parents do for making their teen a responsible safe driver?

Get teens enrolled in a safe driving program

Residents of NSW can visit ltrent.com to learn about the Safer Drivers Course they offer. This course has helped many learners’ ways to handle hazardous situations and make the best decisions while driving. It is a simple program offered in a safe environment. Learners can benefit from this course in several ways.

  • Learner drivers can experience fewer crashes in comparison to those holding provisional licenses.
  • Explore strategies crucial to create safe driving practices including speed & hazard management. 
  • You get familiar with low risk driving benefits in group sessions.
  • You get an insight into the definition of the safe P-plate driver.
  • Practical coaching sessions to help learners feel at ease behind the steering.

Give extra practice

‘Practice makes perfect’ is an effective adage, so make your teen practice more behind the wheel. The driving school offers 6 hours on-road training but a 50-hour practice is crucial for a good experience.

Therefore give as much extra practice as possible in different conditions like in the parking lot, on industrial roads, on residential routes, and even highways. Make sure to introduce night and day time driving as well as in the rainy or snowy conditions. Allow teens to drive the car whenever you go out shopping. It is a good experience. 

Start your own restriction program

After getting a provisional license, they can drive independently during the daytime but at night make sure they have an adult passenger. The possibility of an accident is more when teen drivers have teen passengers with the. So, underline a limit for at least one year to ensure they get used to driving safely and responsibly. Extend driving freedom at a pace, when you feel that your teen is capable to handle. 

Even educate your teen’s car maintenance basics and ensure that their car fulfills all safety standards. As a parent ensure to be a strong role model!