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Measures Taken by Shelby Commission to Reduce the Crime Rate in Memphis

Mar 03, 2020

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Memphis is a city on the Mississippi river and is known for the blues and rock-n-roll, the well known Beale Street entertainment, Elvis’s Graceland estate and the sun studios artists.

As for as safety is concerned, though some parts of Memphis are safe, it is not safe for tourists. Crime rates are generally high in Memphis and there is a significant increase in violent crimes, which include murder, rape, robbery and assault. Unemployment and poverty are presumed to be the reason for increased crime rate.

Law enforcement alone cannot prevent and reduce crimes. In 2006 Shelby crime commission came up with Safety plan for Memphis to reduce violence and crime in Memphis with the help of neighborhood watch Memphis. Shelby safety commission seeks public safety in Memphis and Shelby county by adapting evidence-based practices.

The key objectives of plan 1 were:

Supporting country’s economic growth

Involvement of both public and private partnership

Multi-level government involvement

Plan is based on evidence

Plan is made completely clear to the public

The major violent crime and property crime rate reduced to a significant level during the period of the safety community plan 1 that spanned   2007 to 2011.

The safety community plan 2 started by 2012 and there was a gradual reduction of crimes compared to 2006. The overall decrease in crime rate is 23% in Memphis within the period of 2006 to 2015.

Safety community plan 3 concentrates mainly on reducing violent crimes and takes effort to have the best impact.

Plan 3 is formulated with inputs from approximately 500 citizens and approved by board of directors of both public and private sectors. The public safety institute is created by university of Memphis and crime commission, to give more pressure on plan3 and ensure improved public safety.

This plan comprises of five goals:

Goal A: strengthen the community and engagements in crime prevention. People living in the same community, work hand in hand with the law enforcement for neighborhood safety. Improvement in this process will have great impact on reduced crime rate.

Goal B: strengthen the law enforcement’s ability, like resolving shortages in police departments, use of intelligence and data-gathering, to reduce violent street crime and gang-violence. With a successful policing crime rates can be surely reduced.

Goal C: Come up with various intervention programs for offenders. By providing them job opportunities soon after their imprisonment helps them from re-incarceration.

Goal D: Lay more emphasis on preventing domestic violence and intervention efforts. Family safety centers offer advice and help to families whenever they need to bring the wrongdoers to justice.

Goal E: enhance the interventions for juveniles committing delinquent acts. Establishing Juvenile Assessment centers to provide proper intervention to non-violent juvenile offenders rather than indulging in court systems that can intensify their behavior.

Shelby county crime stoppers inspire the community to provide their support in fight against crime. They encourage the community to overcome fear and volunteer help to law enforcement agencies to fight against crime. Caller's identity will not be disclosed but at the same time they receive a cash reward if their information helps in arresting of criminals. 

As mentioned, these plans are designed to make Memphis a safest city in the nation.