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Few Things to Know Before You Date a Trans Woman

Feb 19, 2020

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Many of the cis men are nowadays taking interest in developing relationship with trans women, as they can offer plenty of things that perhaps a girl may not be in a position to offer.

Also, nowadays you find a big presence of trans escort in the sex industry too where these people are becoming a preferred option for many straight men too.

However, before you decide to be in a close relationship with them, read this article to know few things about these trans women.


1. Avoid calling them as “tranny”

Though people may call the trans porn star as tranny however, if you are interested to get into relationship with them then prefer not to use this word, which is generally considered offensive.


2. Don’t always expect them to teach you about them

It will be humiliating for them if you keep on asking about their biology or whether they have undergone genital surgery etc. You may however discuss once to know but about their status, but should not repeat such questions again.


3. Treat them as person and not a sex object

If you are really interested to develop relationships with them then it is important that you treat them as a normal human being and not an object for sex.

4. You must be ready for few male-like experience

Many of these transwomen must have not yet fully transformed and therefore few of their male characteristics like body hair, facial hair may still exist. If you want them in a relationship, then you must be ready to accommodate them.


5. Be secure with the relationship

In case, you feel comfortable with them only in the bedroom during sex, and not outside, then you may not be comfortable with yourself.


6. Never compare them with girls


It will hurt them in case you ever try to compare their beauty with a normal girl as they feel that you are demeaning them by comparing with a real woman.


7. They can be educated too


Don’t think that all trans gender woman has come from broken and under poverty families. Many of them are educated and few also have graduate degree.


8. Discuss about sex before you do

If you are indulging in sex with them then you must know their preference and boundaries well, so that during the intense moment, you may not end up hurting them.


9. By dating with them you will not become a gay

Your status will not change any way by having relationship with them as you have preferred to love them by looking them as woman.


10. Don’t treat them as object for experiment

They are not like a laboratory rat, meant for doing various science experiment. You must be very clear about what you are doing with them.

11. Support them for their transition

There can be many mental and social issues with them and many of them that they must be facing. As a friend you must support their cause.