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Dec 22, 2018

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When you are given essay writing in any school/college examination or in any competitive examination, you are given word count. Maximum word limit of your content is already provided and you have to write within that limit. For that you need to understand your topic well, list the points which you have thought of and then can elaborate the points accordingly. The rough work which you have made will let you understand how to increase word count in an essay.

But sometimes you may come across such situation where you have to decide on the word count of an essay. You may also have two scenarios – either you’ll be given a choice of your own or you’ll be given a particular topic to write on. If the topic is of your own choice, then no issues for you. You have idea about the topic, you have noted down enough points, and hence you can properly elaborate them, thus serving your answer how to increase word count in an essay.

But if the given topic is unknown to you, then comes the difficult part. You have really thinking hard how to increase word count in an essay. Understand your topic well, jot down as many points as possible and elaborate them accordingly. Provide examples to prove your ideas. Simply don’t dump unnecessary, unrelated ideas. Just to increase the word count you cannot use ideas which are not related to your topic. If your statement is too long, break into short, simple sentences. It would be easier for your readers to read and understand clearly. You can expand the quotes or references which you have already mentioned in the paper. If your quote is short, use other quotes which relates to your topic. You can add alternative viewpoints which are different from your viewpoints. This gives an opportunity to explain why your conclusion is a superior one. This will give you an idea as to how to increase word count in an essay. You can use references from other texts on EduBirdie (https://edubirdie.com/thesis-writing-help) or include sources which you feel relevant to your topic.

How to increase word count in an essay – if the essay is a narrative one, try to add details about an existing scene. Add some background information for your characters which will help your readers to understand better about the character portrayed. Read your essay to find out whether you have left out any loose thread may be relationship of two characters. Provide few details about them which will help you to increase your word count. Word count can also be increased by including appropriate quotations to support your statement.

Still if you haven’t reached your target word count, you can add few points to your introduction and conclusion instead of stretching your body paragraph. Your body already has enough information. Adding more may not be liked by your readers. But yes if you highlight few extra points in your introduction, whose details are already provided in body, your reader would be interested in your essay. Same goes with conclusion wherein you can summarize some more points from the body paragraph.