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How to increase MySQL max_connections value?

Before let us see what is MySQL, MySQL database is basically a relational database management system (RDBMS) in which SQL  the stands for Structured Query Language. It is a central component of the LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Perl/php/Perl) which is an open source web application software stack.

Sometimes your server can get the issue of too many connections in MySQL server. To overcome this you can increase the max_connections value in your MySQL configuration.

To change the max_connections value in windows server follow the below steps.

1. Connect to the server via RDP(Remote desktop protocol ) for increasing the max_connection value:

2. Open the %plesk_dir%DatabasesMySQLmy.ini file through any text editor. For the best Hosting solution we recommend you to go with HostingRaja. Who is also a leading hosting provider in India.

 Or the path where the my.ini file is located.

 ex: c:Programm Files(x86)PleskMySQLmy.ini


Max connection value is stored with the variable named max_connections. Before making any changes make sure your server has enough resources to handle more queries.

If everything is okay then go ahead and increase the max connections value in your my.ini as shown below.


3. In the above screenshot, we have increased the max_connections value to 5000.



4. Once the changes have done then restart the MySQL XX service via Plesk Services Monitor or from services to apply changes as shown below.

Before changing the max_connection value you have to check that the database process has sufficient resources available like  CPU, memory, and disk space and also you know what your maximum number of connections are and also you should know the correct size for your application pool.

To know the maximum number of connections

You have to make sure that the database server has sufficient resources available as mentioned before.The maximum number of connections to the database is basically a function of the resources on the database. You can find the maximum number of connections by gradually increasing the load and the number of allowed connections to the database while you increase the resources gradually observe if the database metrics, repeat the process till one of them max out or reaches their limit which can be either CPU, memory or Disk performance.(That would be your allowed maximum number of connections).If in case the number of connections reached is not enough for your application then you should consider upgrading the hardware.

To determine the correct size for the application’s connection pool

And the number of allowed concurrent connections to the database is equal to the amount of parallel load that the application applies to the database server.Increase in the load will lead to an increase in the transaction response time even though if the database server is healthy. The transaction response time can be measured from end to end by observing if the connection Acquisition time goes up increasing more time under heavy load if it goes up then the connection pool is exhausted.If it doesn’t go up your once again observe the database server’s metrics to determine the maximum number of connections that your database can handle.

It is better to make sure that a connection pool’s size should be constant and should not vary therefore to ensure this, the minimum and maximum pool sizes should be the same value.



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