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Key Strategies to Start Your E-Commerce Website Design

Jun 29, 2019

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Key Strategies to Start Your E-Commerce Website Design 

According to the market research firm, (Kantar’s annual Brandz) brand report, “E-commerce Giant Amazon” Beat “Tech Giants Apple” and “Google” to become the world’s most valuable brand. If that’s not enough to state the power of growing E-commerce industries then I don’t know what else. The Reason?, E-commerce websites are enormously popular amongst the consumers due to its global reach, More and more people are choosing online shopping over conventional shopping due to their busy schedule and the convenience they get as they can shop while doing their household chores or working in the office or anytime in the night as well.

 E-Commerce, as the name suggests, involves the process of selling or buying things on an online medium. Ever since its inception, the e-commerce industry has only grown. If you have a business or you are thinking of doing business, irrespective of the size of your existing business, then you can definitely consider taking it on the e-commerce platform and be in the race to write another success story. The first step in launching your e-commerce business is to create an e-commerce website and for that, we are going to take you through some of the crucial elements that you must keep in mind while designing and developing your online store to ensure more conversions.

 Responsiveness and User Experience

This is the first and foremost important thing as you are designing your website for the consumer and therefore it is most important to provide them the best user experience so that they purchase from your website and then again come and re-purchase from your website. As e-commerce websites are not just about making new customers, in order to achieve success, sustaining your existing customers is crucial.

Your website’s layouts, product arrangement, responsiveness, how easy it is to find the products, the check-out process, etc, are some of the imperatives that decide a user’s experience on your e-commerce website. AS it is not a real-life retail store a consumer cannot check or touch the products or services before purchasing, so your website should be well arranged and equipped with all the features that will give users real-life shopping experience. If your website lags then the user will get frustrated midway and leave your website increasing the bounce rate.

Keep it Simple! But Significant!!

This is the motive you should remember when launching your e-commerce business. Keep the design of your website simple. Don’t complicate it by putting too much information on a single line as it increases the chances of Bounce rate. A simple layout with necessary information is more likely to appeal to customer than an over arranged complex layout that only confuses the customer, cause at the end of the day a customer visits your website “To Buy” things, Don’t distract them from it and design a layout that helps them understand and process better.

Easy Navigation through the website

It is not easy to gain visits on the websites e-commerce businesses spent a hefty amount in order to get traffic to their website, so when you do get visits on your website, make sure that your website provides the audience with easy to understand and simple navigation menu that helps them to find the products easily, the mantra is “Don’t distract or confuse them”. Poor navigation results in a higher bounce rate. You can take help from many e-commerce websites like AmazoneBay, etc as to how to keep your navigation option on your website. You can put them on the top right side or top left side or just at the top of your page, but don’t put “too many options. There are a few things you can keep in mind while developing your e-commerce website:

  • The layout of the main menu on your e-commerce website should be simple and there should be plenty of white space (empty space) in your navigation option.
  • Use the drop-down menu style if you have many products and listing on your website.
  • Put a search option on the top of each page of your website so that users can easily navigate through a variety of products at any point in time.
  • Organize your products in labels and categories and subcategories to avoid confusing the user. Like you can put men women label for your clothing brand and then put the categories like jeans tee shirts etc.
  • Give the option of a Cart or shopping bag on the top of your page as well after all people have come to visit your website for shopping purposes so provide them a cart, the e-commerce way!

  Products Images and Products description are Crucial


One of the drawbacks of online shopping is that a user can’t touch or check the product as one would in conventional shopping; this fear of not getting the right product can deter the user from buying your products or services Online. Hence gaining the user’s trust in your product can increase the chances of the sale as it all comes down the user satisfaction, provide all the necessary information about the product or service significantly. People judge the products mainly by two things Product images and the product description.


Product Images or Videos-Try to incorporate significant images that cover 360 views of the product so that it elucidates the viewer what they are buying and how much it meets their requirements. Studies show that products or services that have a descriptive video or images in high quality have a higher chance of being sold as it takes users closer to how the actual product would look like.


Product description – It is equally essential to put an elaborative product description that highlights the product information .suppose you are selling a biscuit ,your product description should include important information about its ingredients, manufacturing date, expiry date, quantity if it’s a pack, weight etc.it gives users clarity about the product and increases the possibility of conversion as a satisfied user has a higher chance of buying the product than someone who wasn’t sure about the authenticity of the product. It is advised to add reviews of the products along with a description as it provides further perspective to the user.

Add Filters to product

  1. The means of online shopping is to provide the required product in a time and energy effective way ,When you have large no. of products on your website a customer doesn’t want to go through all of them to search for what they  want, therefore introducing a Filter option can do wonder for your business. So instead of scrolling through the long list of products and getting tired midway and closing the site, the customer would apply the filter as per their need and then scroll through only those products that are relevant, hence increasing the chances of conversion.

Products Arrangement in a Grid view- How you show your products on your webpage also decides how many people will be attracted to buy it. So Instead of creating a list of products, a grid arrangement with 4-5 products in each line gives a better perspective on the product one is looking for.

Genuine Pricing


So you have designed an attractive and responsive e-commerce website and well-arranged your products, But, you have decided to recover all the investment at one go by pricing too high in comparison to other e-commerce websites. Building Trust within the customer is the key to have a lasting prolific e-commerce business. In order to get succeed in this highly competitive industry, one must put genuine pricing of the products available on one’s website. People look out for genuine and cheaper products online, nobody wants to pay extra money for the thing that is available at a cheaper price on other websites. So with honest pricing customers not only convert into the sale but they re-visit your website to repurchase another item and hence giving a boost to your business and building your brand.

Check out Process is Convenient

 People want to put energy into finding what they want instead of waiting at the check-out for a lengthy process to end. In order to decrease bounce rate try incorporating the following tips:


1. Don't force users to sign up to buy a product. Provide Guest account also as studies have shown 28% people cancel the shopping when they have to sign up.

2. Don’t ask for unnecessary information in the checkout; just ask the mandatory ones like name, delivery address, phone no. and payment method etc.

3. Provide a Buy now option along with add to cart option with each product so that a user can directly buy a required product.


Mobile Compatibility


According to a survey on statista.com a total of 2.5 billion people of the world’s population use a smartphone with China and America leading the smartphone market respectively. The numbers are soaring high with each passing year and it is much higher than that of a desktop user or a tablet user. So designing an effective website is of no use if it is not compatible with mobile devices. As more people use a smartphone to cater to their daily needs you must optimize your website for mobile users in order to increase the conversion rate.


Last but not the least having Contact information or helpline option on your website also adds credibility to your website. This is an assurance that in case the customer is unsatisfied with something he can reach out to you directly and hence he can afford to try purchasing your services or products.


E-commerce market is here to stay with its ever-growing industry, but success in e-commerce business is no cake walk so you need to be patient as online sales don’t happen overnight and there is a capital investment required in maintaining and promoting your website but with clever Strategies and customer sustaining policies one can be assured to have massive success over time.


If you are still uncertain about creating the best e-commerce website design then you can always hire professionals who have expertise in designing an e-commerce website and to your good, Our Company helps businesses to write the saga of success, Please feel free to Contact us +1(707)-300-6420 anytime at Email: info@geoflypages.com


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