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Beware of These 5 Logo Designing Mistakes!


For every company, business, product, service and a brand, logos are a must-have. Logos communicate the unique selling point (USP) of a brand or product or service visually and they are responsible for transmitting the ideals of the company to the public. Viewed regularly by their clients and potential customers, if poorly designed, it could jeopardize or even kill the company's success.

To sum up, it would be sheer foolishness to underestimate the importance of a logo. This is one of the main reasons why businesses and corporations are investing in hefty resources in hiring the crème-de-la-crème of logo designers and brand development agencies to create the best possible logo. However, things are often easier said than done in the real world. Often, even the most experienced and respected designers in the industry come across challenges that keep them busy for days if not for weeks.

Needless to say, they take a lot of precaution and pour in excruciating hours of work to create highly professional and effective logos. This is so because they know the significance of logos and the important role that they play for any company or a business or a brand. Even with a lot of care and persistence, a lot of designers tend to commit undesirable and unwanted mistakes unknowingly.

Be it just the starting of a design process or the revamp of an existing logo, there are a lot of common logo design mistakes designers can avoid. We have compiled a list of 5 crucial mistakes that every designer should avoid while creating logos for their clients, take a look.

1. Going with the trend.

Now and then, the graphic designing industry is plagued by new design trends that reach the pinnacle and die out in a flash. Mostly unaware, a lot of budding designers commit the mistake of taking to these short-lived new trends and sticking with it long enough only to burn out along with it. True, staying updated on the new trends in the industry is a necessity for marketing but more often than not, people forget the thin line between trend and cliché.

When designing a company or a brand’s logo, designers should remember that such logos need to withstand the test of time. Implementing trends often leads to logos becoming outdated. As a result, relying too much on these trends can do more harm than good for both the designer and the company. It would be wise to stay updated on the latest trends and not be compelled to stick to them.

2. Mismatching colour scheme.

We understand that playing with colours might seem creative but generally, it is not. Using a wide variety of colour palette for designing a logo indicates a poor taste in designing. To design an impressive logo, it is very crucial to not give in to the craving of using colours right away and understanding the psychology behind colours. A true designer must choose colours that resonate well with the personality and the message of the brand or the company.

3. Implementing complexity.

Most people give in to their creative outbursts and end up combining several ideas into one, incorporating multiple colours, complicated type fonts and cumbersome icons. Eventually, the logo becomes complicated beyond comprehension to be conveying a brand message, thus defeating its purpose. This is a dangerous development and should be nipped in the bud. There is much to learn from well-established brands like Apple, Nike, and FedEx etc., who keep their logos simple yet meaningful. Designers should do well to remember the fact that they need to achieve simplicity in their logo design so that the audience can understand and relate to it better. To put it across in a single sentence, keep things simple, clear and meaningful.

4. Bad choice of typefaces.

A designer’s choice of his/her typefaces for the logo design tells a lot about his/her proficiency in the field. While the inclusion of a good and a unique typeface can make a logo look memorable, the inclusion of a bad typeface can make it look like a disaster as well. Many budding designers make fundamental and critical mistakes when it comes to choosing typefaces and lettering for logo design like using too many typefaces in a single logo. It is very crucial to remember the fact that each typeface has its personality as with the logo, and often the designer has to choose a typeface that reflects the logo’s characteristics and merges beautifully with the brand message. Most amateurs err concerning spacing between letters and numbers, the weight of the font and the choice of overused typefaces.

5. Plagiarism.

Last but not least, avoid plagiarism at all costs! To climb the ladder of success sooner than their competitors, some unethical designers steal designs and ideas from other brands and companies for their logos without realising the fact that it negatively affects the branding of the company. Although professional and ethical designers understand the importance of originality and uniqueness, heinous acts of stealing committed by a few rotten mindsets bring a bad name to all the designers. No matter what the cost, it is very important for designers to realise that stealing designs and ideas from others is illegal, not to mention the legal ramifications that follow.


Designing is based on creativity and when creativity comes to the fore, there are bound to be a few mistakes here and there. After all, to err is human. But to learn from mistakes and to make sure that they do not repeat is the sign of a good designer and a perfectionist in the making.

If you are a designer, you’d do well to do your research, know what logo design mistakes to avoid, and understand your target audience. That way, you’re much more likely to get it right!


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