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Relocation tips for office managers

Sep 02, 2019

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Office managers go without a proper relocation plan as they can save time. If office managers do not have a plan, it usually costs them more time handling their office shift and their busy schedule. About a greater number of successful relocations are done with a shifting plan.

A relocation plan is important to keep your shifting strategy on track. It lets you to handle your workflow and efficiently communicate with the team. We asked our office relocation professionals for some advice on how to develop an efficient relocation plan.

Make an advance plan

Planning in advance is going to make your life much simpler. You can schedule relocation tasks like packing, purging, cleanup, setting up in the new office, internal and external communications. You can also use your relocation plan as a guideline for project deadlines to stop scheduling troubles.

When you spend time for advance planning, you would avert wasted time scrambling to retrieve from mistakes. You would minimize the overall tension of being worried about what comes next.

Improve communication

If you well develop communication with all regarding the upcoming relocation, you would not deflect your team from usual tasks. Choose one tool for communicating and employ it to give regular updates. We advise that you store files relevant to your shift in a central place like shared filed on a network.

It is simpler to talk and to keep people focused throughout the shifting task when you introduce ways for sharing essential details. Lot of times email can be a distracted and a good idea to explain your development and send updates once in a week according to the features of your move. Share your relocation plan, timeline and offer a lot of updates the near you get to moving day.

Schedule packing

Spending time for packing will ensure employees be focused on their final goal. This would help to stop time waste and worrying about getting enough time to pack their offices. Offer some managing skills and provide clear direction on what and how to pack. This would speed up unpacking task in new office.

With everyone following the similar process, you won’t have employees wondering next what to pack. Here are some normal tools that we advocate to help handle your relocation plan:

  • Go ogle Docs for file sharing.
  • Prepare an excel spreadsheet with columns for each task.
  • Prepare labels that offer information for every good to make moving and more effective.
  • Consider employing plastic moving boxes and bins for reliable and simple relocation.
  • Conduct meetings to have discussion and to deliver updates.
  • Prepare Checklists
  • Regard outsourcing your office to expert office relocation service providers like best packers and movers kolkata (https://www.assureshift.in/packers-and-movers-kolkata).